Memory Lane


In keeping with the theme of reminiscing on the memories I've accumulated this year, I thought it was a suitable time to feature the memory jar I started for 2012. Rarely do I actually take action on the things I pin on Pinterest, which I think most fellow pinners would also confess to. I've made only a couple of the food items, only sparingly do I really consider purchasing the clothing items (which is probably in my college girl budget's best interest), and my home decorating board isn't exactly indicative of what the interior of Red 2A looks like.

When I saw this memory jar idea, however, it seemed simple enough to keep up with, and also a very rewarding project come the end of these twelve months. So, as the end of Christmas break neared, I asked my mom to help me find a jar. I told her to pose no questions, and that she would soon see what the contents of this jar would be. She was puzzled to say the least, but chose to humor me anyway. So, here's the big reveal! What lies inside is shreds of paper recording the details of noteworthy moments from this year. We're just now approaching the one-quarter mark of 2012, and it's already well over halfway full. While this may pose problems in the future, it's a sure sign of an already exciting and needless to say, memorable, year.