"We Should Stop Him"


{Joseph Kony, leader of the LRS in Africa, was the first person indicted for war crimes by the International Criminal Court in 2002, and his imprisonment has yet to be fulfilled}
The infamous Memorial bubble my friends and I lived in for eighteen years doesn't come close to comparing to the UT greek life bubble. While I love this close-knit community, I can't help but feel that this West Campus World shields us from many aspects of reality. Back at home, I at least glanced at the headlines of the newspaper as my dad thumbed through the Chronicle or constantly heard the buzz of Fox News playing throughout my house all evening. In other words, I had at lease some inkling as to what was going on beyond the villages connecting Memorial Drive. Nowadays, the last piece of "big news" I heard was UT enforcing a new policy that doesn't allow high schoolers to come during Round Up.

{the LRS army has killed an estimated 66,000 innocent children}
The only hope I, or most of us have, for some source of connection to the global community is technology. Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram have been taken by storm by the KONY 2012 campaign--an effort to shine a light on Joseph Kony, leader of the Lord's Resistance Army in Africa which abducts children, killing tens of thousands of people every single year for the past twenty-plus years.

{these famous people are joining forces to make Joseph Kony infamous}
I remember Memorial holding an assembly in which representatives from Invisible Children came and told us about this tragic war in Uganda. At the time, jaws were dropping in the audience and we all left with a yearning to assist in any way we could. It's been over three years since then, and unfortunately, the course of events in my own life have caused me to forget about this devastation...until now.

Jason Russell, one of the main advocates for this cause for almost ten years now, has designated 2012 as the year to putting an end to Joseph Kony's mission. The video below shares it all, explaining the gravity of the situation and how we can end it before 2013. Not to mention, it includes maybe the cutest little boy in the world.

Certainly, this video is captivating because of the heaviness of the subject matter and the heartbreak it makes you experience purely from images and words on a screen. But, moreover, it illustrates a way we can all unite for a common, unselfish cause, for we are the force of this world, a truth we often forget or ignore. It also proves that this technologically-driven society we live in can be used for the greater good.

As many of my friends trade their profile pictures for the KONY campaign poster, I figured this was a good place for me to start spreading the word. I hope you too find some way to help make Kony famous, whether it's for yourself, for the kids, for Gavin, or for Jacob, your service will be beneficial to everyone.


Amy said...

Great post moll! I also feel like I live in a bubble and need to remind myself of the world around me. Thanks for the nudge!