Why Can't We Just Rewind


{no idea what I'm going to do not living with my best friends next year!}
And here comes the moment none of us have been waiting for--the end of spring break. I don't foresee another cold spell coming our way, so I suppose we can officially ring in sandal season. The semester is already past its midway point which means grades are starting to take their form, for better or for worse. There's still quite a bit to look forward to what with Round Up this weekend, mom's and dad's weekends, and the much-anticipated Red House Ranch, which plans are well underway for.

But, what I am trying to ignore is the inevitable end of freshman year. While it's far from the end of college, it still marks the end of a wonderful beginning; no more novelty, no more making fun of Hardin House meals, no more greetings from Mike, Meghan and Keith at 3am, no more filthy navy carpet, no more threatening emails from Cathy, and no more "it's okay, we're freshmen, we're still adjusting" as a legitimate excuse. I hate to mourn well before the actual end arrives, so instead I'll use this reflection as a celebration that we have two more months. Two more months of Towers parties and 2A shenanigans, of sharing stories from the night before in the pink bathroom that divides our suite, of helplessly dodging construction as we make our way from Main to Red. Two more months until I conclude what I can already declare as one of the best years of my life.