British Backstreet Boys


It's safe to say that One Direction is becoming the new boy band sensation. An equally valid statement is that their lyrics and music are just about as cheesy as the effects on the photo to the right. Despite this and our ages being well past the targeted demographic, several of my friends and I have fallen for these Brits' ballads. They started as solo artist's on the British reality show X Factor and later became a joined force under the name One Direction thanks to the advice of the one and only Simon Cowell. I suppose one of their draws to us in particular is the sweet notion of childhood nostalgia their songs provide; I can't help but be reminded of my small but treasured music collection as a kid that included mix-tapes with N*Sync, A*Teens, Play 98 degrees and classic Britney. The glory days, indeed. Some are making the bold claim that these five will be this generation's Beatles; you can see their attempt at The Beatles hit "All You Need Is Love" here.  I, for one, would have to stick with something resembling more of a Jonas brothers sensation, which would still mean these five fellas have quite a ride ahead of them.

But, time will only tell, and so far so good seeing as their album debuted as number one on the UK Billboard charts and their single "What Makes You Beautiful" topped the US charts "within minutes", breaking record history.

{acoustic version of their hit, "one thing"}
So, as you start eyeing these guys all over tabloids, celebrity blogs, and every other form of media, now you'll have the inside scoop on the newest teen sensation.