I was wrong.


I've seen a variation of this video a thousand times. The frenzy at the train station. The blurred lights scattered throughout the anonymous big city. The remorseful boyfriend hastily running back to the innocent coffee shop girl he should've never left to begin with. Switching between shots of the bitter piano player banging his cold fingers on the keys, expressing his anger through sweet noise and the pensive lyric writer sitting on that train, reflecting upon mistakes of his past.

Despite the monotony of the elements in this video, I'm struck by the song. The ending is unclear, whether he walks through the shop as it opens at dawn to reclaim his lost love or whether he lets the glass wall stand between him and his prospect of righting a wrong. I think that's what I like about this song, "I Was Wrong" by Sleeperstar--it doesn't feel the need to tie up all the loose ends. It's our job to write the ending. That's my favorite part. That and the lyrics and the rhythm, and that it was in the background of an epic exchange between Damon and Elena in The Vampire Diaries; the truth comes out. Bottom line: it's a really good song, so go buy it and invent your ideal ending.