A Little Old Place...


My summer residency, just a few blocks west of Hardin House, finally feels like home now.

{seven of the ten Loveshack residents}
There are ten Kappas under one roof which makes for a lot of Bachelorette watching, iPod blaring, and hair blow-drying--nothing that any Hardin girl is unaccustomed too, though. We've designated the name "Loveshack" to our summer home. 

{my big kat and my fellow molls}
The cross-pollination of grades has made the experience so unique and fun.

{as you can see, our sorority-spirited decor is anything but subtle}
But, for this weekend, the Loveshack will be mostly vacant, as most of us are NOLA-bound! I'll be crossing off one of my five things on my summer to-do list this weekend as I get on board for the Fiji New Orleans trip. I'm sure there will be plenty to report but when I get back, but for now, happy US Open watching this Father's day weekend! 


Erin Estella said...
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Anonymous said...

Actually it's the US Open. You're a few months late on the Masters.