Over time, I've come to realize that certain friends are better suited for certain things. Some are the ideal traveling partners: equal in energy with similar activity interests and the ability to spend long lengths of time together. Some are your go-to shoulders to cry on--they hear every word you say and know precisely what to say in return. There's always that someone you want sitting across from you at Starbucks having existential conversations 'til the barista closes up shop. Some are the ones you want to share a dressing room with; others you repeatedly drag into the ladies room with you to discuss the details of  that Thursday night thus far. Some know exactly how to tickle your laughter bug; hold onto these ones. And then there are the ones that just get you as if they can read minds, and there's a strange comfort in that kind of friend. 

Rarely does a friend come along that carries all of these qualities. But, when they do, you know they're a best friend. That's Merl. She's a giver, a lover, a smiler, a gentle spirit, a listener, a cuddler, and one of the bestest besties a girl could ask for. So, on this Friday the 13th, forget about all the superstions because Mer Dog is turning nineteen! Happy, happy birthday, Merl! I love you dearly!


Caroline Hickey said...

LOVE THIS!! so sweet!
xoxo, caro

Julianne Staine said...

Couldn't agree with any of this more! Love both of y'all!