Olympic Obsessed


I'm not much of a TV junkie. Despite my annual summer show addiction, I rarely plop myself on the couch thumbing through the TV Guide. I wish I could brag about my non-couch potato self, but I certainly make up for lost time on the couch in my bed staring at this computer. Anyway, this all changes once every four years.

I think the Olympic Games is hands down the best television program there is. In a sea of shows like The Real Housewives, Jersey Shore, and The Bachelor Pad, it's refreshing to know that people worldwide are tuning in to something with a little more substance. I love the unity it brings as we all gather in our living rooms in celebration of the dedication and talent from our native countries despite whatever political affairs or economic turmoil is plaguing our nation at the time.

{I'm rooting for Gabby Douglas to take over Nastia's current reign. Fair warning: this video is a guaranteed chill-giver} 
As a former competitive gymnast, I'm partial to the summer games, as I think most people are. I'm the ultimate sucker for those intense montages NBC produces featuring the athletes and the families that helped them become the Olympic champions they are today.  It's humbling, heartwarming, and inspiring. 

{At twelve, my Diane Kruger was fellow Texan gymnast Carly Patterson. My prized possession was my Wheaties box signed by Carly herself.}
I'll never forget being glued to the TV screen every night after my own gymnastics practice hoping my hero, Carly Patterson, would become the next Mary Lou. And when she did, I shed a tear or two. Ever since I can't seem to control the waterworks as Nastia's exit from gymnastics at trials and just tonight, Jordyn Weiber falling short to qualify for all-around both got to me.

{As much as I admire Michael Phelps for the swimming sensation he is, I am without a doubt a proud member of Lochte Nation. I mean, those blue eyes!}
So, my point is, I'm thrilled to have a couple weeks of leisure left at home to revel in being a temporary couch potato. Go Team USA!