It's Out With the Old


& in with the new. I promised a new design ages ago (and I sincerely apologize for the hold-up), but the new design has arrived! While part of me is sad to leave behind the photo montage and chartreuse accents, I'm thrilled with the new look. Since I'm on the cusp of my twenties, I was seeking something a bit more modern and sophisticated while still maintaining some youthful flair. Please, take your time toying with the new jump pages behind the darling little icons at the top, find me elsewhere online through my social media bar, or just take in the minty freshness of the new color palette. I hope it suits your fancy as much as it does mine. I figured a BOD facelift would be an appropriate gesture to commemorate the anniversary as well as a way to give this week a fresh start.


melissa said...

Love it and loved being with all of you last night

Erin said...

Oh, lovely new look! A Coco V exclusive? The icons are great!

Allyson of Lovely Explorer said...

As you know, I just finished my own blog redesign at Your look makes me want to ditch it all again! Adorable.