Sheer Bliss


I encourage us all to take the tragic events that ended this week to remind ourselves how precious life is and to cherish moments of bliss. Here were just a few of mine this week:

1. good eats
{eating out usually leaves me feeling large and in charge, but Zoe's grilled chicken kabob dish was the perfect dinner to start off my week with a crisp greek salad, grilled chicken and veggies, and a dollop of hummus}
A Monday night Zoe's Kitchen date with my mama

2. guilty pleasure
{Jef & Arie are the final two in this season's The Bachelorette; many are anticipating the finale airing this Sunday}
I consider trash TV equivalent to sweets in the food pyramid; we all deserve a little bit every once in a while. As I've mentioned, this summer I've been sucked into The Bachelorette craze in what's been one of their most popular season's yet with Southern belle Emily Maynard tugging at these 25 guys hearts. Heck, I think even good ol' Chris Harrison has developed a small crush on Miss Maynard. This week I joined several girlfriends (and a pan full of brownies) to watch the Men Tell All episode. Oh, and I (unlike the rest of the American female population) am totally team racecar drivin' Arie.

3. family feasts
I was greeted by (almost) my entire family upon my arrival home from my 24-hour Austin excursion. Even all six little cousins were in attendance, which made for as much of a treat for us to watch them interact as it was for them to play together.

Barely any food was left on the plates which were piled high with crab tostadas with mango salsa (courtesy of chef Jimmy), beef tenderloin, waldorf salad, loaded baked potatoes, and a new carrot dish also courtesy of Jim.

Amy supplied a Pinterest-inspired dessert of strawberry shortcake kabobs with fresh whipping cream.

There was even a stocked cocktail bar now that we're all of age. Well, almost...

4. giving & receiving
In the spirit of Mary Elizabeth's birthday, I finally gave her a much deserved gift. Her style is classy and never too showy, so I wanted something she could wear almost every day; I found the perfect thing in this Tai wrap bracelet. The grey reminded me of the color palette of the room we shared for nine months. And after an entire summer of searching for the perfect white wedge, I finally found gold with Tory B. So, I treated myself after some serious "soul searching"; more details on the wedge can be found under the "closet" tab.

5. good company
Care for a round of "what's wrong with this picture?" Yes, we swapped outfits at Mary Elizabeth's birthday celebration. We pulled a true "freaky Friday" last Friday the 13th. Long story, but certainly a great memory and perfect material for a bridesmaid speech down the road on both ends.

And while we're on the good company note, I must mention that Julianne has returned! We spent most of this week catching up our summer's apart and are about to hit the road for a city hopping adventure in both San Antonio and Austin. Enjoy your weekend!


Allyson of Lovely Explorer said...

This is adorable! For the record, my roommate and I are completely team race car drivin' Arie. Kebabs are definitely on my to-make-this-week-list now too!

Julianne Staine said...

awwww I love this post! and couldn't be happier that we are reunited, bestie!

Carolyn said...

Sad I missed that dinner. Go Ames with the Pinterest dessert! Love the wrap bracelet you chose. Your blog is lookin' good. ;)

Caroline Hickey said...

LOVE this!!! such a memorable memory i shared with you!! a night we will never forget! love ya! xoxo