Third Time's a Charm


322 posts later and here we are. It's the three-year anniversary of Bridget's Own Diary. This blog birthed by a bored sixteen-year-old has come a long way from "xo" sign offs, multi-colored texts and mismatched photo sizing. I'm almost certain that the few people who followed me from the beginning were counting the days until one of my mini hiatuses turned into a complete abandonment of the blog. And I say this without pointing any fingers; I include myself as one of those doubters. But, I'm pleased to say she's still going strong.

To commemorate this blog's birthday, here are my top five favorite posts so far...

1. I Told You I Like Lists
My bucket list was the first post I got a good amount of feedback on, thus it was the first sign that I could really make something of this blog beyond a personal memento.
*update: Since May 2010, I've accomplished going to the perfect college for me, walking down a red carpet, completing a yearbook, applying to an Ivy, and most importantly, having a blog that "more that Lana and Coco read."

2. Wooed by Words
This post, along with the Love Actually post, New Years post, rules of life post and several others, always tend to receive the most appreciation. I enjoy doing them just as much--collaborating all the striking images and putting words to them so they connect into one cohesive story. I think the key to their collective enjoyment by all is how generally pleasing they are to any kind of audience. This post in particular gets pretty points on two scales: the pictures and the words. It also traces the roots to why I do this--for the love of words and writing.

I love this post for two reasons. One: it makes me laugh. Two: it shows how things change in a short amount of time, a trend I'm sure to see as long as I continue to blog. As college comes on my mind's horizon mid-junior year, I outline where I picture myself in a couple of years. I describe UT as a "good back-up plan, but definitely not my first choice." Little did I know I would be hooked on the horns soon thereafter!

4. Friday Night Lights
I remember spending most of Christmas eve morning writing this post and thinking to myself, "I can't wait to show this to my kids someday." Not to mention, the pictures are priceless. It's things like this, the development of my friendship with Merl, and all the pop culture references that I will love showing to my kids someday.

5. Confessions of a Bookworm
Whenever I get the chance to incorporate some aspect of school into my posts, I try to. I'm not a working professional; my job is to go to school. As overwhelming and challenging as it can be at times, I truly value my education as a gift. When those little scholarly sparks set off, I itch to share it all with you, like in this post about the life mantras I learned from Augustine's Confessions.

Yet, at the same time, I hate to play favorites. A little part of me loves each and every one--the ones that capture the college shenanigans and sharing my favorite music. And I think the completed products of the fashion-oriented posts excite me most.

I can't express how delighted I am to have this online scrapbook as a memory keepsake. And to all of you--my parents, brothers and sisters, friends and strangers, thank you for all your appreciation and dedicated following.  I hope my blogging finesse continues to flourish as I continue to blog into my twenties and wherever life takes me next. In three more years, I will have graduated from UT. I hope you stick around for the next three hundred some odd posts 'til then.