Signed, Sealed & Delivered


{writing thank you notes. i enjoy being on the sender's end just as much as the receiver's end.}
We live in an era where communication is ruled by 180 character tweets, email inboxes are in the palms of our hands, and text messaging is slowly becoming the sixth sense. Alas, the handwritten letter is becoming a thing of the past. I'm typically not one of those people that's startled by change. Sure, spotting empty Blockbusters on street corners was bittersweet, but I've embraced the era of Netflix and iControl. However, the letter is something I'm not quite ready to let go of.

{a surprise note i received on my bed last year from tatum}
I find handwritten letters to be the most sincere form of expression. Behind the words in a letter, you find a more contemplative author who is able to show a more refined display of emotions, whether they fall in the category of thanksgiving, concern, love, or just general friendliness. The mind slows down; each word is chosen with care.

{a letter i got in the mail this summer from merl}
It's only expected that this concept is practically foreign to us 21st century technology junkies--why use a stamp, suffer a hand cramp, and waste perfectly good saliva on licking an envelope when an email is just a click away? For me, it captures something Times New Roman just cannot. So the next time you pick up a pen to sign a document or jot a reminder on a Sticky note, consider putting that pen to paper to make someone's day a little bit brighter. Oh, and for all you boys out there, this is an automatic ticket into a girl's heart.


Allyson of Lovely Explorer said...

I agree 100 percent! I tend to write letters to my family members (particularly my grandparents) but I'm hoping to expand to my friends. Last year, a friend sent me a handwritten card complete with a handwritten/drawn envelope with beautiful designs. I loved it so much that It's framed in my room now :)