Sense Appeal II


for the eyes:
This inexpensive dressing for my desk was an attempt to provide me with motivation to get in back-to-school mode. We're still waiting for that motivation to fully set in. Nevertheless, I couldn't help but feel equally nostalgic and scholarly with a fresh set of classic No. 2s sitting atop my Post-It pads.

for the mind:
At this age, my mind is constantly programmed to think in the future. Whether that may concern deciding whether or not to go out one night, next month's looming term paper, spring break plans, lining up internships, hunting down your husband, or the presidential election's effect on our post-college job market, college always has you thinking of what's next. This quotation offered an obvious but often overlooked reminder that it's what we do today that counts for tomorrow.

for the ears:

Just when Wild One's glory days have come and gone, Flo Rida has a new single on the rise called I Cry. I deemed it worth a download.

fashion for feel:
Fashion week has bitten me with a fashion bug for the past seven days. It's a good thing that school, sorority and other commitments limits shopping to a minimum in my time budget. I do, however, make time to spy on what's been trending on the streets and catwalks in the midst of all this madness in NYC. This was a street look on the likes of Violoaine Bernard, fashion director of Velour magazine, and I'm not ashamed to admit I'm obsessed. Give me a fringed fuchsia skirt paired with a brown leather belt and white oxford any day and I'll be good to go. And then she just totally kills it with the cat eye shades and iced caffé.

for taste:
All of my meals this weekend were fit for a queen, which I will elaborate on more later this week. For now, I wanted to highlight one of the most delightful dishes my taste buds have ever encountered in their twenty years of existence: the tuna tartare at Sangria Tapas Bar in Dallas. The tuna came in melt-in-your-mouth crumbles tossed with sliced pears, crushed hazlenuts, tonnato sauce, micro arugula and sherry vinaigrette.

& finally, a very happy birthday to two of the loveliest ladies I know--Mollie and Caroline who both said farewell to their teeny-bopper days today. Happy 20th!

{top left: Caroline and I in Mexico // top right: Caro and I cheering at our first varsity football game // bottom: Mollie and I exploring the shops and restaurants in the Hamptons}
Tomorrow marks my first Monday of class, what a joyous occasion! A full week ahead calls for a full night's rest. Sweet dreams!