Sense Appeal III


for the eyes:
{image c/o Kendi Everyday}
Ghost chairs galore at the Independent Fashion Bloggers conference in Soho.

for the mind:
College is supposed to prepare young adults for the "real world"; however, we're actually quite far removed from anything occurring beyond a two-mile radius of campus. I was blown away after a conversation I had with my friend Maggie last night; she was so well informed on foreign affairs, politics, and current events in general. I plan to turn this dose of inspiration into a new goal for myself: to read a national newspaper at least once a week. It's impractical to make this a daily endeavor, but the hope is that, over time, this will become something I look forward to as I merge myself into adulthood. It's time to start keeping up with current events instead of the Kardashians.

for the ears:

And with that being said, I still need to keep up with the latest music sensations including Nicki Minaj's song, Masquerade, which many are familiar with from the current Adidas commercial, featured above.

fashion for feel:
The king of glamour, Oscar de la Renta, combines classic black and white stripes with a simple floor-length silhouette to create what is the newest Pinterest sensation from New York Fashion Week.

for taste:
I started my weekend with a tasty meal at The Grove, a wine bar and restaurant in Westlake, a neighborhood fairly similar to Memorial here in Austin. I had a trio of bruschetta: one with spicy mascarpone, strawberries, balsamic and arugula (my personal favorite), one with grilled asparagus, creszenza cheese and prosciutto, and one with blackened shrimp, tarragon and arugula. But the highlight of the meal was--prepare to be shocked--the grilled brussel sprouts. I've been noticing a recent surge in popularity for the former ugly duckling of the vegetable world. Though it may be only be experiencing its fifteen minutes of fame, sprouts are here to stay in my book. The Grove paired them with carmelized onions, fresno chile and reduced balsamic vinegar. Talk about the ultimate guilt-free treat.

I came into this week prepared for a calm, laid-back routine without many social or extracurricular commitments to attend to. Unexpected events, like campus-wide evacuations, 6am alarms at my apartment complex, and rainy days threw off these expectations. I look forward to a more predictable week ahead with a much-needed trip home by week's end.