Sense Appeal IV


for the eyes:
PhotobucketMy new toy has finally arrived--the iPhone 5. Tragedy struck as my old iPhone was stolen at the Kappa house during rush week, but this little beauty has taken all that former pain away.

for the mind:
Be intentional.

for the ears:

My home away from home is the room right down the hall from me, another purely KKG abode. I often head over intending to ask a single question, only to find myself leaving hours later. Anyway, one of their favorite pastimes is watching Lana Del Rey music videos, which I can hardly blame them for. They are curiously addicting and mesmerizing. My personal favorite? Summertime Sadness.

fashion for feel:
If you know me at all, you know I rarely refuse an occasion to dress up. Going to UT, however, doesn't  foster an environment where one will sport their nicest attire for class, something that I'm eternally grateful for after nights with less than six hours of sleep. However, sometimes the t-shirt and shorts uniform grows tiresome. Lately, I've been trying to invest in casual & comfy pieces suitable for everyday wear, like the garments pictured above.

for taste:
My time at home was well-spent. I went to one of my favorite restaurants on Friday night (Paulie's in Midtown), slept in, went to the Galleria with my mom, saw my niece Quinn take her first steps and ventured to the brand new American Girl Doll store to see Amy and her kiddos! Saturday, Chris, Lin & Quinn came over for a pork taco feast. While Linds and I caught up on the start to my sophomore year, my dad and his oldest son were fixated on their alma mater team, Notre Dame, win their second game. Go Irish! Now that I've had my relaxing stay at home, I feel rejuvenated for my busy week ahead.