Let's Connect


In my latest issue of Elle, I read an article highlighting a day in the life of Donna Karan, American fashion designer extraordinaire. Following a detailed play-by-play of the ins and outs of her non-stop itenerary, she closed by revealing her secret to keeping calm, cool and collected (on most days, anyway). She says it's connecting the dots. "Philanthropy to commerce to children: it all connects. I can't separate any of it. It's just that sometimes there are more dots on the piece of paper than I can handle."

One person leads to the next. One moment leads to another moment. One thought leads to the another, creating a train of thoughts. Connecting the dots makes our lives whole, thus in turn, makes us whole.

I find the concept of connection, in all aspects of life, to be quite satisfying. When material in one class connects to another, I sense my bits of knowledge coming together, molding me into the educated person I've always strived to be. When I encounter a stranger, only later to find out he knows my dad's uncle's cousin's fiancĂ©e, I feel as though I'm a little more in sync with the world than I thought just moments before. And when I connect with someone on that unique level where I know we can discuss politics, our favorite pair of jeans and a love for chili cheese fries, well, that's just the best connection of all.

This video was featured on the Facebook log-in page, and normally I'd ignore it and carry on in whatever stalking endeavor I had planned. But, something told me this was going to be one of those videos that moved you in just 90 seconds. It was. See how--through chairs, doorbells, and airplanes--we connect. It's pretty neat and just might inspire you to hold hands, send a text, say a prayer, share a photo, write a letter, hug it out, or do whatever it is you do to connect.