Sense Appeal VII


for the eyes: 
Decorative straws added a festive flair to our gathering at Peyton's family's loft on Friday night to kick off Kappa parent's weekend.

for the mind:
All men are created equal. This, to many, is probably debatable; however, in the heat of my attempt to crank out my philosophy paper (SOS!), I found Hobbes's take on how we achieve such equality to be intriguing.
"For such is the nature of men that howsoever they may acknowledge many others to be more witty or more eloquent or more learned, they will hardly believe there be many so wise as themselves for they see their own wit at hand and other men's at a distance. But this proveth rather that men are in that point equal, than unequal. For there is not ordinarily a greater sign of the equal distributuion of anything than that every man is contented with his share." -Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan, Part I: Of Man, 124
for the ears:

Just hours ago, teenage girls everywhere freaked out. To many it's the most wonderful time of year with Taylor Swift's album release. Her name has become as iconic as Britney Spears with her pop country tunes. So far, I find Red to be even better than Speak Now. And it seems that she hasn't lost her large fan base, as Red is already an overnight sensation, not unlike all of the singles leading up to this big release. What's the new "Love Story", you ask? I'm tempted to predict it'll be "I Knew You Were Trouble.", a classic Taylor tune speaking to all girls who have ever had a bad boy toy with her heart.

fashion for feel:
As I've gotten older, I've become awfully picky and choosy with my clothing selections. I experienced this recently during my hunt for the perfect peplum top. Peplum is a trend I foresee sticking around for awhile, mostly because its silhouette flatters almost all figures. While I feel the trend has been relevant in skirts and dresses for some time now, its presence in tops is at its peak. I finally ordered this TopShop version, which I hope will serve as a great go-to for work and play.

for taste:
We celebrated our first Wine Wednesday in 304 this week, complete with red velvet brownie making and a karaoke competition featuring classics like Ashlee Simpson's "Boyfriend" and "SOS" by Rihanna.

Now I shall embrace the little sleep I can before I get to my week of tackling two projects, a quiz, a paper, and two tests. Wish me luck! But actually.


Julianne Staine said...

love the "but actually" closing