Sense Appeal VIII


for the eyes: 
Oh Chair, you're so epic. The quintessential power couple ready to rule Manhattan. Only seven episodes remain! Please please have Bass babies before we say au revoir to GG for good.

for the mind:
{from top to bottom: celebration after a fourth-quarter interception // head ND coach Brian Kelly watches his football team continue their success during Saturday's win over the Oklahoma Sooners, // OU coach Bob Stoops does not remain as cool and collected watching his team get defeated by the team with the biggest brand name in college football  // photos c/o The Chicago Tribune}
Rather than my usual approach with thought-provoking words, today we'll examine numbers. With three generations of Fightin' Irish men in my family, declaring our family as Notre Dame fans is an understatement. (Y'all, my dog is named after a former coach if that puts it into perspective.) Last night, they succeeded in maintaining their undefeated status as they pulled off a 30-13 victory over OU, making them 8-0 and ranked number four. My parents and oldest brother Chris (ND grad) went to Oklahoma to see it live, and I'm so happy their trip ended up being celebratory.

for the ears:

I love A Fine Frenzy, so when I saw her new song, "Now Is The Start", was the free single of the week on iTunes, I downloaded it without even bothering to preview it. Alison Sudol (the female vocalist of A.F.F.) claims her third album, 'Pines', is her most personal yet; she found her inspiration in C.S. Lewis books and things other than just "romantic heartbreak." A critic wrote that her songs "drift, swell, and surge like water pulled by tidal forces." Couldn't have said it better myself. It's no longer free but believe me it's well worth the $1.29.

fashion for feel:
Whoever decided to put an Urban Outfitters in the heart of the drag--oh so easily accessible on my walks home from class--was one all too smart individual. I fell into the temptation to peruse through the  racks on my way home on Thursday, and ended up with this bag (here's a similar version online). Total impulse buy, but I totally love it for the contrast contained in the bold pattern in an array of muted metallic shades.

for taste:
Meghan, Willa and I are trying to implement a tradition of Sunday brunch together. Willa, being the Austinite of this trio, took us to one of her favorite spots, and I think it has deemed itself worthy of being our designated destination. With a full coffee bar, stocked pastry window and menu full of sweet and savory brunch options, Russell's Bistro is also convenient, trés chic and semi-cheap. So yeah, we're into it. Safe to say we didn't discover it though; today the wait was rather long (its neighbor is the original Kerbey Lane--another popular bfast spot), but luckily the weather was out of this world today, so we enjoyed our cappuccinos outside while waiting for our table.

This weekend was practically perfect. My test was postponed 'til this week, so I got to enjoy our costume date party on Thursday and get all dolled up for SAE Vegas on Friday. Saturday allowed me time to unwind, complete with takeout and Target runs. I hope you're Halloweekends were just as great!


Sara said...

yum I'm coming next time!