Sense Appeal XI


for the eyes:
Today marks my handsome nephew Evan's very first birthday! HBD, E!

for the mind:
So many things we hope and pray for don't have a fixed definition--joy, success, love, peace, wisdom. As I quickly approach finals week, I'm (obviously) seeking success--success that will later translate into a prosperous career in my future. I found Maya Angelou's definition of success to make me feel a little more optimistic rather than dwelling on the impending probability of getting that coveted A.
"Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it." 
for the ears: 

With the help of my fellow music muse (and future KKG roomie!) Meghan, I have discovered another favorite female artist: Yuna. I have yet to find a song of hers I don't like, but I especially loved the cover she performed of Frank Ocean's "Think' 'Bout You." Also check out "Tourist" and "Lullabies."

fashion for feel:
Leather has come a long way from just Harley-Davison jackets and designer bags. This fall especially, leather had become acquainted with shirt pockets, blouse trims, and sweater sleeves. It effortlessly provides that contrast we often strive for in our ensembles: sweet yet serious, romantic yet rough. See my most recently added leather detailed piece of clothing in my closet here.

for taste:
To avert any overwhelming holiday guilt, I'm going to declare that from Thanksgiving to Christmas, calories don't count. It's very likely I'll regret this ideology come the new year, but I simply can't resist the peppermint lattés, Christmas bark and other tempting treats. I helped my mom make our rendition of the classic cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving. She also whipped me up a batch of my favorite family recipe--Christmas candy crackers. It took only 72 hours for my apartment to get through not one but two bags of crackers. One of the many reasons I love my roommates.

Happy weekend! Cannot wait to see what's in store for the 12th and final chapter of 2012.


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