All of the Above


Perspective is kind of a big deal when it comes to photography. I've gathered that without any formal instruction. While the subject of the photograph is certainly key, sometimes all it takes is a shift in the lens position to take a photo's "artsiness" level up a couple notches.

I, for one, am a sucker for an aerial view photo. Bonnie Tsang, one of my many blogging inspirations, has an artful tact for making a mundane breakfast a real appetite for the eye.

Wes Anderson, videographer extraordinaire, makes a compilation of ordinary events when we see life from above, proving that the bird's eye view is something we encounter every day, if not every hour.

There's got to be a reason that for the first dozen or so plane rides of our lives, we are adamant about getting the window seat. We like different perspectives, especially in a time where it's easy to get caught up in tunnel vision.

You may (or may not) have grown more fond of the roomy aisle seat with time, but admit that the spectacle of the curiously perfect geometric shapes that make up our round world never really gets old. (And then there's those fluffy clouds OMG.)

Photographers can take us above any day.

Sometimes fashion is better seen from on top than on.

Like Bonnie showed us, often it's more suitable for meal time,

or play time,

or R&R time,

but only the truly crafty have mastered this perspective.

Maybe it's our vantage point that makes everything seem so complex,

so chaotic, and if we take a step back

we'll see such order,


and beauty

when we look at life

from above.


Carolyn said...

Very wondey! Keen eye, girl. Art always says 'it's about exclusion, not inclusion'. Meaning people often try to get a lot in a photo but it's more of the art of excluding until you have the best most simple composition.

Sara said...

Love this, especially the kayak pic! Oo & thanks for the reminder to look at the big picture. aka in 10 years these finals won't matter (as much.. :)

Anonymous said...

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