Eat, Drink & Be Merry


My trip to Dallas was not short of fine dining experiences. My friend and hostess extraordinaire Meghan carted me around town, showing me the best of all cuisines Dallas had to offer: semi-casual French at Rise Nº1, easygoing gourmet at Eatzis (still mourning over our loss of this Dean + Deluca-esqe market in Houston), Mi Cocina's little hermana Taco Diner, delizioso Italiano eats at Patrizios, and top of the line seafood at Café Pacific

Somehow, after all that, my stomach managed to squeeze in one final good eat, which came highly recommended by my Dallas roommate, Kate. I've never been a Nutella nut, but the Nutella Panini at Dough did me in. Warm nutella and marshmallow wedged between two buttered pieces of bread was all spread around a pile of whipped cream and caramel sauce. A word to the wise: for those of you making 2013 the year of intense health and fitness, I'd steer clear of Dough's dessert menu. 

Happy almost New Year!