Most Wonderful Time


{I've spent some time in Santa's workshop, adding to the impressive collection of gifts under our tree}
I've had an idyllic week at home. Family has been slowly trickling in and in the meantime, I've taken on the role as Chief Elf to my mom as her to-do list grows especially lengthy come this time of year.

Not much changes from year to year, but I think that's what we love about Christmas--the familiarity and comfort accompanied with the subtle twists on tradition. Feliz Navidad will always be a classic, the thrill of hearing the UPS man ring the doorbell doesn't fade, and year after year, we complain about the same madness at The Galleria. And we go anyway.

While many a college student experiences mild symptoms of depression when suddenly the magic of Christmas has dulled, I have seven little ones that keep the magic and excitement alive and well. That, among many other things (like my favorite four-legged friend), makes this the most wonderful time of the year.

For today, it's merry merry from Midland, until Christmas Eve Eve!