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Grab your tissues, girls, and keep them close as we bid adieu to our friends from the Upper East Side. Tonight marks the end of an era. The series finale of Gossip Girl will air at 7pm after 6 seasons of blasts, multiple Bart Bass deaths, and brunches at The Palace. So I figure there's no more suitable time than today to break down the best and the worst of the best show with, I'll even admit, some of the worst, most convoluted, far-fetched story lines. The foundation, however, kept me hooked since my freshman year with its stellar cast, incredible wardrobes, the New York City setting giving each scene a rich backdrop, and one-liners that always packed a punch.

I'll begin with my favorite scene from each season, which just so happens to always feature the most popular ship of the show, Chuck and Blair, more commonly reffered to as "Chair." {click the episode title for jumps to videos of the scenes}

01.07 - Victor, Victrola
The limousine scene. Cue the Chuck and Blair mania.

02.13 - O Brother, Where Bart Thou?
Blair finds Chuck crying in her bedroom mourning his father's death.

03.17 - Inglorious Bassterds
Blair confronts Chuck about trading her for his hotel, telling him that she never thought that the worst thing he would ever do would be to her.

04.02 - Double Identity
Blair finds Chuck at the Paris train station station and tells him to not run away from his identity. He responds by confessing that "he destroyed the only thing he ever loved," that thing being B herself.

05.06 - I Am Number Nine
Chuck lets Blair go with one final apology, saying sorry for losing his temper, for not waiting longer, for treating her like property, for not saying "I love you" when he knew he did, and for giving up when she never did.

And since season six has one-tenth still yet to be revealed, we'll leave it at this and the photo above, which I predict will be the best of the shortened sixth season.

as for the best scene of GG history...
03.12 - The Debarted
Upon visiting the hospital after Serena's car accident, Chuck remembers his own father's death. After a whole year, he finally faces the pain with Blair's help who reminds him that he carries people, including her.

Best & Worst:

worst pairing: Nate & Jenny
Little J was a huge disappointment in my book. She had so much potential. Girl rocked a headband, her little bob circa second half of season one almost made me want to chop off my hair (almost!), and she added some youth and purity from the other side of the bridge. But, then, she discovered mesh tights and decided her alter ego was a raccoon and it was all downhill from there. ANYWAY, Nate belongs with Serena. Jenny belongs with an identity crisis counselor. So, that's that.

best character: Blair Waldorf
B. My main girl, B. From the flawlessly executed high school uniforms to the brilliant schemes to her not-too-shabby pent house overlooking Central Park to her ability to make every male character fall in love with her, I am in great company in choosing Blair Waldorf as my favorite character from the show.

best actor/actress: Leighton Meester
What started as more or less the "Serena show" quickly shifted gears as Leighton Meester proved she owned the small screen. She mastered this character and could make the audience love her, hate her, envy her, cry for her, and root for her all in one 46-minute episode, which brings me to...

best acting in a scene: 02.23 - The Wrath of Con
Blair tells Chuck she needs an answer before she can give Nate his. She tearfully asks him if what he feels is real or if it's just another one of his games.

worst character: Vanessa Abrams
UGH. Not even gonna waste my time on this chick. ADIOS, V! Hope you're enjoying your siesta in Spain. Better believe there's a reason why you're the only one not returning for the finale.

worst guest star: Laura Breckenridge // playing Rachel Carr
Remember that high school teacher Dan dated in season two? Miss Carr? Probably not because this was the worst episode arc ever.

best guest star: Clemence Poesy // playing Eva
Ooh la la, Clemence played the Parisian blonde bombshell who (temporarily) stole Chuck's heart while he was attempting to re-invent himself after totally blowing it with B.

best OMGG moment: 01.16 - All About My Brother
S confessing to B that she killed someone. UH-OH.

best outfits // Serena edition:
Serena's style is somewhat androgynous--she pairs leather with sequins, a stiff blazer with a flirty romper. Her more relaxed style with oversized sweaters, messy pony tails and slouchy boots matched her more relaxed personality.

best outfits // Blair edition:
Always adorned in perfectly placed lace, drenched in ruffles, or with a cape draping her shoulders, Blair defined all things preppy and proper.

best quote: "Damn that mother Chucker!" -Blair Waldorf

Gossip Girl opened many doors for me to the music world. Several artists even performed in episodes including The Pierces, No Doubt, Lady Gaga and Cindi Lauper.
five best featured songs:

No Sex for Ben // The Rapture

Three Wishes // The Pierces

  • 01.10 - Hi Society - Chuck and Blair share a dance at Cotillion
  • 04.07 - War at the Roses - Chuck and Blair end their peace treaty and declare their eternal hatred

The General Specific // Band of Horses

  • 01.11 - Roman Holiday - Christmas in the city, Serena decorates the loft with snow for Dan

Fell In Love Without You (Acoustic Version) // Motion City Soundtrack

So, tonight it all comes together. The messy but so intriguing story lines all culminate into one grand, two-hour finale. What are we to expect? Here's my preferences and thoughts:

who's with who:
Chuck + Blair (hopefully with a little baby Bass!)

Nate + Serena (alas, S will still probably resort to Dumpty Dan)

Who's Gossip Girl?
My bet's on Humpty Dumpty. Indeed, I think Gossip Girl is actually a Gossip Guy, namely Daniel Humphrey. My theory has only recently evolved from the end of this season when Dan told his dad, "I've had a plan this whole time and it's finally working." On top of that, he's a writer, making a career out of novels which document the lives of the elite from the outside looking in (exactly like GG). The site's main target was the ultimate it-girl, Serena Van der Woodsen, who he ended up falling for. And I can't think of many negative blasts re Dan except for his label as "Lonely Boy." Pretty good track record next to the rest of the bunch. Dorota would be my second guess. Either way, tonight we'll see the face behind Kristen Bell's voiceover. 

So, here's to a television series that's provided many a teenage girl like myself with fashion inspiration, a healthy taste of wit and current event lessons in every episode, a virtual trip to the big city every Monday night, and plots that made our own homecoming dramas seems like nothing compared to Ponzi schemes, hotel trading and drug-dealing BFs. I'll miss the waffle breakfasts, Chuck's bow ties (please wear the scarf one last time!), the headbands, Nate's fetish for a cougar, Bing's blatant ad placements, the Prada Marfa print at the VDW's, Chuck's love for a rooftop, the throwbacks to childhood memories from other shows like Hilary Duff and 7th Heaven's Barry Watson,

the Non-Judging Breakfast Club,

the best bromace,

the best romance,

the best frenemies,

AND DOROTA, who's just THE BEST.

A silver lining? The time off may give Chace Crawford some time to fix his funky lip.


PS - What ever DID happen in Santorini?!???!???!!


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This is literally EXHAUSTIVE - it must've taken you ages to put all of this together! Do you have an insanely good memory, or did you keep track of your favourite moments as you watched the show? The finale was a fitting ending to a great show.

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