Don't Worry, Be Happy


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Last week goes down in history as one of the worst first weeks of school ever. I spent many walks to and from class simply unhappy. So, in an effort to not let misery become the underlying theme of my spring semester, I made some much needed adjustments. Thanks to an impeccably timed three-day weekend, conquering the UT registration system and the things below, I finally feel like myself again.

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this smiling face from cyber space,

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taking in one of God's greatest works of art--the sunset,

 photo IMG_5914_zps623a39cd.jpg
a fresh paint job,

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a Monday morning coffee shop getaway which crept into lunch time,

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the many members of my family away from home,

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and cocktails coordinating all too perfectly with each Parkside diner's personality.

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I was able to spend quality time with most--if not all--of my greatest friends this weekend. Jules and I treated ourselves to end-of-the-first-week milkshakes; Meghan and I celebrated the idyllic temperatures on Saturday with a walk through Tarrytown; Mollie and I got acquainted with Austin's finest Chef Shawn Cirkiel at Parkside with ceviche, raw fluke and goat cheese custard; Merl, Caro and I had a picnic on the day of rest; all my roomies took in that beautiful sunset view at The Oasis on Lake Travis; Lana introduced me to more of the treasure trove that is East Austin, and Carolyn and I visited with guest appearances by Alex and Elsie.

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All of this got me adequately refreshed for the shortened week that lies ahead. But, I must admit I haven't truly felt in my element without BOD. I'm glad to say the blogger is back in full swing and is excited to announce a very action-packed semester ahead! Happy hump day!