La Ville-Lumière


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If there's anything my sister has taught me, it's that Europe should be thought of as a friendly neighbor with open arms and less of as a far-away land full of foreigners. I often sing high praises of the Big Apple, but lately, I've got Paris fever! This is, without a doubt, a side effect of my enrollment in French class this semester.

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When I had to choose a language track back in the 6th grade, I'm sure my pre-teen mind was drawn to French for the very mature reasons like the Mary Kate & Ashley film, Passport to Paris, my La Madeline computer games, and the fact that that's what all the girls learned at the boarding school in A Little Princess. But, pay no mind to what triggered this love affair with the language, because it's been nearly a decade and I am thrilled with where it has led me.

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{La Sorbonne - the university I will likely be attending}
If all goes according to plan, it will ultimately lead me to studying at La Sorbonne, a highly acclaimed university in Paris, at some point in 2014. I can barely wait for my extended stay in the city where

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cheese is bought in wheels rather than tubs,

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trains are like actually a thing,

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I could totally pull off that bike with a basket,

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the signature scent is a mixture of the Seine River, fresh croissants and Chanel No. 5 perfume,

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cobblestones rest beneath your feet at the sidewalk cafés,

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modern Marie Antoinettes brush by you as you meander down Avenue Montaigne,

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Vespas are the preferred mode of transportation,

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ballet flats take the place of the stand-by American "tennie",

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chocolate is perscribed as a medicine,

 photo 94997873359643869_BvWemua6_c_zps7ee1a02b.jpg
floral shops stand on their own, not tucked behind the checkout stands at your local supermarket,

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{my visit to the cathedral in Chartres--a town right outside of Paris}
churches are museums (with free admission!),

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and carbs are always encouraged.

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I hate stock answers. And I hate that Paris has become that way--the cliché city that every girl dreams of. But, I've fallen under the spell.

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My parents and I made a pit stop in La Ville-Lumiére before visiting Carolyn and Art in Austria, but I am eager to see more, to explore. (I know, I know, awk solo shot.)

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Here's one of the simplest how-to's I've ever read: "in order to lead a fascinating life--one brimming with art, music, intrigue and romance--you must surround yourself with precisely those things."

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Paris epitomizes this and for this reason alone, its iconic status endures.

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I'm excited for Paris to not be solely a recurring image on my Pinterest feed, a destination discussed in French class, or a delightful subject matter for a coffee table book at Anthropologie, but a place I can call my temporary home.


mary said...

you should try Portugal! I've never visit France but I'm sure it's a beautiful and full of culture country!
Portugal is well known by its food, history and kind people eheh hope you visit it one day!

Abby said...

With all these beautiful pictures of all things Paris you have me seriously wanting to visit Paris this summer!

dervla @ The Curator said...

Ooooh i hope you make it there! Now I'm itching for a return visit myself.