Sense Appeal XIV


for the eyes:
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Looks like the "mirror pic" is withstanding the test of time (even with the ever increasing popularity of the "selfie") as is evident by the modern spin the always fearless Sarah Vickers, bloggess behind Classy Girls Wear Pearls, shows us.

for the mind:
Many blog posts ago, I wrote about The Tents--the documentary covering the evolution of New York Fashion Week. Well, it wasn't until just this winter break that I finally sat down and watched it in full thanks to Netflix's plentiful stock of documentaries (much unlike any other movie genre). Now, it's by no means The September Issue, but it's worth your while if you're into this kinda thing--this, shall we call it, fashion thing.

Several household names in fashion contributed to the film including designers like Carolina Herrera, Zac Posen and Isaac Mizrahi, journalists from world-renowned publications like Women's Wear Daily, W and Elle, and even Neiman Marcus fashion royalty, Mr. Ken Downing. It's no secret that this event takes a village, and every individual--whether it be photographer, a nobody with a high fashion fever or the Anna Wintour herself--has tremendous enthusiasm for this event and an inspiring zeal for American fashion. My desire to one day go to Lincoln Center myself was only further fueled. One part in particular really stuck with me. InStyle's fashion director Hal Rubenstein rationalized fashion as not just an art, but a daily necessity. He says,
"There are certain arts that, I think, you can live without. I mean, the world would be a poorer place without painting and sculpture, but you would survive without it. But everybody gets--everybody--gets up in the morning and asks the same two questions to themselves: "what am I going to eat?" and "what am I going to wear?"

for the ears: 

There are several variations of "Teenage Crime" by Adrian Lux, but I like this short and sweet one best.

fashion for feel:
{Stela 9 Weekender // Deux Lux Luka Weekender // Marc Jacobs Nylon Pearl Weekender}
I'm on the market for a stylish but classic weekender bag. I find myself at a loss when taking short Texas road trips and think I'm due for a durable bag to last me through most of my twenties. Bearing that in mind, I'm trying to steer clear of anything that seems terribly trendy. I'd gladly take opinions and/or suggestions.

for taste: 
For "ladies who lunch", Tiny Boxwoods is the go-to spot for Houstonians. It was a must-see dining destination when Merl came into town. I insisted we polish off our meals with their to-die-for warm chocolate chip cookies; turns out, they now also make "ridiculous" brownies. In typical, Merl/Milly fashion, we made a significant dent in the chocolate decadence.

Second day of class which means day two of French ahead. Souhaite-moi bonne chance!