Sense Appeal XV


for the eyes:
 photo photo-41-3_zpsf94e525f.jpg
{a photo I took this weekend of Cinderella's lost slipper on campus}
With fifteen plus some hours of school every week, I'm wiped by the time Friday rolls around. But, this weekend, I also squeezed in a five-hour photography seminar so I can finally be a master of the "auto" setting on my SLR. I've found that blogging is essentially a marriage of images and words; and like any marriage, it goes through ups and downs, good days and bad, and is always a learning experience.  Reading and writing fine-tunes the words part, but this weekend I discovered photography is more of a numbers game. I look forward to applying the skills I learned at McKay Photography Academy with some hands-on experience and hopefully my progress will manifest itself on BOD! You can be the judge of that.

for the mind:
 photo 23187826_000_a_zpsd63c7b0b.jpg
I was borderline livid when I caught word that the new Gatsby film got pushed back from a Christmas release date to early this summer. To appease my impatience, I treated myself to some more Fitzgerald and decided to read The Beautiful and Damned over the break. A certain line resonated with my feelings toward blogging after particularly long days.
"The notion of sitting down and conjuring up, not only words in which to clothe but thoughts worthy of being clothed--the whole thing was absurdly beyond his desires." 
for the ears: 

My music taste--as you've probably gathered--is pretty all over the place. However, one thing remains consistent: my love for duets. I'm not partial to male or female artists but I find when they join forces, the harmony is undeniably infectious. This song, "Marilyn" by G-Eazy featuring Dominique Lejeune, embodies that contagious harmony.

fashion for feel:
 photo RecentlyUpdated1_zps3b45804a.jpg
{topJennifer Fisher Mini Disc Ring w/ Pave White Diamonds // Stacking Dots Ring // Geo Drusy Ring in Blush  // bottomMoraley Flower Stackable Bands // Gorjana Alphabet Stackable Ring // Jules Smith See You at the Souk Stackable Rings}
Accessorizing is quite possibly the trickiest art to master when it comes to style. Overdoing it can be a tragedy, which explains why I tend to pretty monogamous when it comes to my love affairs with different kinds of jewelry pieces. Lately, I'm onto rings, especially dainty ones that you can stack and wear even in your sleep.

for taste: 
 photo IMG_5890_zps958b9ed2.jpg
I'm already missing the ease and comfort of home-cooked meals (but I did make my cabbage salad yesterday!). My mom and I hosted a BCS championship bowl party for my brothers and threw together this yummy beet salad alongside some grilled red snapper and veggies. I find beets to be as rich in flavor as they are color--especially alongside arugula, walnuts and feta cheese.

 photo ScreenShot2013-01-29at90653AM_zps2b402f20.png
And finally, a birthday shout out to the best twins I know--Tatum & Willa! Besos!


dervla @ The Curator said...

Love the song! And that first photo is really really good :)