All Blown Up


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The causes for celebration at the start of this weekend were two-fold: it was finally Friday and finally February. Though I could write a brief memoir documenting the series of unfortunate events that plagued my week, I'm going to resist being that whiney blogger and instead, look to the near future with the arrival of my favorite fun-sized month, February.

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My birthday falls right in the middle of this second month of the year, and I've grown quite fond of this timing.

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Everyone pities those who get the double dosage of gifts when their birthday falls near Christmas and those summer birthday kids who never got a school celebration and never knew anything but a pool party.

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Despite the incessant commentary of my birthday falling on Valentine's Eve, I'm more than content with this date. The Christmas buzz has completely faded; school is picking up, but you can't quite taste the arrival of spring break yet.

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But, allow me to back track to my whole mission in blabbing about my birthday. Not unlike that with gold, Diane Kruger, and aerial photography, I've developed a fetish for balloons. In the world where online shopping and pinning is only an arm's length's away, it's not in the least bit difficult to fall in love with vintage Chanel bags, resorts half-way 'round the globe, and jewels dripping in diamonds. So, I was pleased to have found pleasure in something a little more simple during my daily online perusals.

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-02at85624AM_zps0c653178.pngI can't help but wonder if my most recent obsession is connected to my also recent severe onset of wanderlust, mostly triggered by my imagination running rampant with all my study abroad options (as you saw here).

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But, aside from that, my attraction just makes sense: I love color and shape, essentially the genetic make-up of all balloons.

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And I've found I'm not the only one. Several companies' sole product is this classic piece of party décor, like Geronimo! balloon-troopers who specialize in crafting these super-spherical balloons for any bash which begs for the biggest balloons around.

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inflated/deflated is a tumblr blog entirely devoted to bringing bits of wisdom, wit or sass to you via a balloon. I'd say I've heard about half of the phrases before, but for whatever reason, reading it here makes these old ideas new again.

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I guess there's not much to them, but I think that's what drew me in. So many things seem over-complicated these days.

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These colorful pieces of rubber filled with air and tied with a basic string, oddly enough, make people feel special. 

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So, let's rid our minds of thinking these flying polka-dots are strictly for kids twelve and under. We must rediscover the magic even if we're all blown up.


Evan said...

FAVORITE post yet!!! So creative and fun