Breakfast Bar: 21 & Under


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I'm happy to report that my 20th birthday was an outstanding success. It fell on a hump day this year, which proved to be the best way to break up my week. Not long after the semester started came a night when my body was exhausted but my mind just wouldn't agree. As I tossed and turned, the party planner I didn't know I had in me concocted the idea of a midnight breakfast bash for my birthday. The vision became a reality on the eve of my birthday, which just so happened to fittingly fall on Fat Tuesday!

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The main course was an assortment of cereals to choose from. I tried to include most of the kid-friendly favorites, as I wanted the evening to be an ode to childhood since I was making my departure from my teenage years.  Froot Loops, Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cocoa Puffs, Honey Nut Cheerios, and my personal favorite, Life, all made the cut.

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All the sugar-coated cereals were poured into large bowls with scoopers and several pitchers of milk (chocolate and regular) were spread throughout the table.

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Since cereal is one of the few foods almost anyone can make (right there with toast and PB&Js), I insisted we take this basic snack up a notch; I supplied a variety of mix-ins like an assortment of berries, bananas, crushed birthday Oreos, marshmallows and chocolate chips.

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We relished the "Fat" in Fat Tuesday and offered powdered donuts, Cinnabons and Sister Schubert sausage rolls to all--which were the first to go as I predicted.

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Sweet Caroline was nice enough to bring me a "birthday pancake"

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complete with twenty colorful candles!

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Just before the guests began to arrive, these flowers (featured here) arrived from Mollie in Dallas, so I naturally made them the centerpiece next to the...

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mimosa bar! Some of these plastic flutes ended up being filled to the brim with chocolate milk or

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straight-up champ with frozen raspberries.

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The guests were first greeted with a menu highlighting all the yummy treats that were promised to them on the (Facebook) invite.

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And in the middle of a stressful school week for many, I was happy to bring all my friends to one place

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for some good eats and from what I can tell,

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some late night fun.

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While I've always respected the tradition that your birthday is your one day to don a tiara and celebrate you, I found just the opposite this year. I received so many thoughtful gifts like this balloon bouquet from Hannah and Michelle (they take good hints!),

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a lovely array of sweet and sassy cards all with touching notes inside,

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and heart-warming words from everyone I love. I guess they love me back, and the whole day was a wonderful reminder of that, which is all I could have asked for and more. This sentiment was just in time for Valentine's Day which I got to spend with Merl and her parents (who I like to think are my Austin parents.)

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Some claim your twenties and thirties brings a drought in friendship. I have every confidence in the world I will never be in short supply of the extended family I have in each one of my wonderful friends.


Abby said...

Seriously one of the cutest ideas ever! Happy belated 20th!