February Fêtes


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I've tried to wean off making Bridget's Own Diary my social diary, as that kind of activity is better suited for the many other social media platforms we have like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But, rules are meant to be broken and Monmouth was just way too fun this year to not do at least a brief blurb.

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As you may recall from last year, Monmouth is our annual winter formal with Pi Phi. A big group of dates went to Truluck's for dinner before heading to the Hyatt hotel for the main event.

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There was a photo booth, a face painting station,

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and a packed dance floor.

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Monmouth gets hyped as the best date party of the year, and it was unanimously agreed among all the KKGs and PBPs that it was just that. Two down, two to go!


Carolyn said...

I like the purp dress.