Give & Take


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I love the reward system that comes with the hectic schedule of a college student. Every walk to class, promptly addressed email, and note taken are all just the mini-bridges we cross every week before we're rewarded with the blissful weekend. It's a routine we students have become accustom to from Kindergarten on and thankfully, it's one thing that won't change when we make the school to real world transition not too long from now.

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This weekend, I escaped to the countryside for a brief overnight visit with Mollie. We treated ourselves to a late night brownie à la mode and caught up over coffee in her mom's cozy country home. On my dreary ride back into Austin, I headed straight for my sister's to watch her two little ones and was very surprised to be greeted by my parents and pup minutes after they had left. We had a low-key pre-birthday celebration with presents and prosecco, toasting the final days of my parents' subjection to teen angst! Here are all the things making my headlines:

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I received the Girl Scout cookies I ordered from my niece, and the personal invoice included put a bigger smile on my face than the peanut butter patties, thin mints and caramel delights all combined.

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SOMEBODY PINCH ME. The stars have aligned...literally. Josh Schwartz, I deem you the MVP Match Maker of the Year.  The stars of his two hit series, Adam Brody of The O.C. and Leighton Meester of Gossip Girl are MADLY IN LOVE dating. Happy Valentine's Day to all of us who spent years pining over quirky and adorable Seth Cohen and those of us whose number-one girl crush can be spelled with the single letter, B. All I can say is CONGRATS, YOU GUYZ.

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For over a year now, I've had "join UT's fashion group" on my to-do list. Due to scheduling conflicts, it always seemed to roll over to the next to-do list time and time again until last Tuesday when I was able to attend my first meeting. Several lucky members who have been involved over the years have been at Fashion Week in New York all weekend and needless to say, I am insanely jealous. A fellow Kappa is there and her Instagrams (as shown above) are unreal. Hopefully I'll get to fill her shoes next year or the year after that.

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Pinning has developed a hierarchy of different levels of expertise, and discovering these pinning princesses (or princes, may you have it) is a skilled trade all its own. This weekend, I stumbled upon a pinner whose taste is completely akin to mine. It shouldn't be a surprise that this younger Kappa sister, who has mad photography skills, also has a knack for curating images.
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Follow her! She'll make you find sheer delight in ampersands, playful patterns, fancy footwear, and (eek!) balloons.

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So, this week marks that pivotal point in the semester--that point where school really becomes "a thing." In keeping with this busy-ness theme, the social calendar is also picking up momentum and doesn't look to be slowing down much until the end of the semester. And though I wonder how it will all get done, it always does, and we always have fun doing it. Pictured above is the Cowboys Sweetheart night where all of us girls got inducted into UT's Cowboy alum association as the selected sweethearts! Though this will make my social calendar even more robust, I can't complain!

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And congrats to Maggie and Caroline for making their entrance into society and looking gorgeous while doing so! These Dallasites invited several of us to the Dallas Symphony Ball and we had the best time mingling with friends from other schools, but as per usual, UT took over.

So, here we are at yet another Monday, quite a few steps to go before we see that light at the end of the tunnel we call the weekend. But, let's enjoy the fact that each one is well-deserved.