Sense Appeal XVI


for the eyes:
UT threw a super big bash for my birthday right on the campus mall and there was a really solid turnout. That's me being thrown in the back.

for the mind:
 photo hexagons_zps4ab401df.png
I've had a lot of recent encounters with the six-sided polygon we commonly refer to as a hexagon. I learned in French class that France is often considered to be in the shape of a hexagon, and since then I've seen it appear in patterns, jewelry and graphics that all suit my fancy. Upon this realization, it occurred to me that six--albeit its diabolic nature--is a significant number in my life as I have six siblings and roommates.

for the ears:

I purchased Rihanna's new hit, "Stay", less than 48 hours ago and it's already been played 60+ times on my iTunes. I'd be lying if I said I don't love her upbeat first claims to fame like "Pon de Replay" and "SOS", but this slower ballad is not far from equal caliber.

fashion for feel:
 photo tumblr_ll1jnrQGgL1qzu6nxo1_500_zpsa521e69f.png
I've been so pleased to have been reacquainted with a bit of a wind chill here in Austin over the past week. I'm not ready to part ways with my winter wardrobe yet, and lucky for me I'm making a trip up to the northeast this weekend where the lows will be in the twenties.
 photo c9a4a36fcf83dc49682e4d155bc5f673_zpsd9cf94ff.jpg
I'll be packing up all my winter woolies including some scarfs, which I like to consider a staple of any girl's wardrobe year-round. I'm having a hard time resisting this baby pink Wildfox scarf that has a subtle ode to my Kappa heart as the center reveals our flower, the fleur de lis.

for taste:
 photo resize_image_zpsf7e9bf85.jpg
My littles Michelle and Hannah kidnapped me before Monmouth on Saturday for a sister smoothie date. We went to JuiceLand which I had never been to despite hearing countless rave reviews. It lived up to the hype and has more ATX vibes than any place I've ever stepped foot in in this capital city.
 photo 13_1_1_Weaver_zpsa72a43c4.jpg
I frequently crave the N.R.G smoothie from Houston's Smooth Island & Juice Bar and they had a similar thing going on on their menu. Juiceland's "The Gunshow"--a mixture of bananas, blueberries, egg white protein and agave--was just as good (if not better) than my Houston go-to. And the super thick straws make for easy sippin' on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Happy Prez Day!