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One of the many perks of going to Texas is that everyone comes to you. UT is kind of the central hub where people tend to migrate. Everybody knows someone and more often than not, you can knock out seeing a good chunk of your high school friends whether coming for a game, Round Up or just a quick escape to Austin. Needless to say, I haven't done much college visiting. I've made the trek to Dallas to visit Mollie at SMU, and I still have Vanderbilt on my list. I'm itching to get a glimpse of what my older sister Amy's college experience was like in Nashville. But, I'm happy to report I got to cross University of Southern Cal off my list last weekend!

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Taylor and I became the best of friends through cheering together at Memorial and have remained close ever since. Though tears were shed when she chose to be a Trojan instead of a Longhorn, I was so pleased to witness firsthand how perfect of a fit it is for her.

I brag that Austin is one of the best cities to go to college in, but LA sure can compete. I landed late Friday night, but we drove down the row just in time to see the Phi Psi boys pick up all the Kappas for their happily ever after themed "exchange"--essentially a chapter-wide mixer at a Hollywood venue. SO HIP, RIGHT? I soon learned that this was not the only thing done at USC that was unlike anything at Texas--like having an actual row, fingerprint scanning at the dorms and date parties in Vegas!

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To start off our first full day together, we took a hike in the Hollywood hills.

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The weather could not have been more perfect, and even a little L.A. smog couldn't tarnish the amazing views.

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{Urth's Farmer's Salad - Locally grown baby spinach salad with peppercorn dressing, grilled artichoke, organic tomatoes, French radishes, red onion, shaved fennel, glazed pecans and shaved parmesan cheese served with dried fruit and nut bread and butter}
In need of some post-hike nourishment, we headed to Urth CaffĂ©, a total LA-hipser spot frequented by the likes of Katie Holmes, Selma Blair and Amanda Seyfried.

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Their claim to fame is the Coconut Matcha Green Tea blend often served with boba.

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We had to check out the Cali frat scene, and surely the Greek gods were looking after us since one of the biggest day parties in the nation, Brochella, just so happened to fall on that weekend.

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It's essentially the equvalent to SAE Resurrection but Cali-infused, as you can tell just by the name and the attire.

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Afterwards, we made our way to the other end of the row where Taylor calls home at Kappa Kappa Gamma! So, like yes, this totally makes us sisters and stuff.

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The house was stunning! I have no doubt the views of the city (see the little Hollywood sign in the distance) rival that of many celebrities' homes in Beverly Hills.

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Though there is just about nothing I hate more than a near-death experience with a biker on UT's campus, I was easily charmed by all the girl's pastel-colored bikes parked beside the house.

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Taylor planned a sushi dinner for us and her other visiter, Alexia, who came all the way from the other USC in South Carolina.

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Her friend Gabby also tagged along to the downtown spot--Takami.

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I ordered a crimini mushroom robata to start and then the signature Takami roll. Some claim L.A. boasts the best sushi in the entire country, and now I see why. The melt-in-your-mouth roll--with spicy Albacore topped with Peppertuna and Yellowtail--was practically sinful.

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We headed back to her cozy dorm for the night and caught up. Taylor describes LA as a "fairy land" and I think that description does it just about justice. The plan as of now is for her to continue her California livin' post graduation while I take Manhattan, so we'll always have a place to crash on the opposite coast. Love you, Tay! Thanks for a great stay!


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Just saw this whole shpill from your big trip to the city! DYING at the posts about Brochella and the Phi Psi video. Love you Molls!!!