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I'm a planner. I like to go into trips having done an ample amount of research and this trip was no different. This task was made all the more simple (and fun!) by virtue of the fact that a good population of the biggest and best bloggers call L.A. home.

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My first blogging inspiration, Emily of cupcakes and cashmere (who celebrated five years of c&c today!), is one of these Los Angelites. The main inspiration I drew from Emily was a visit to the Rose Bowl Flea Market, a place she frequently makes a Sunday excursion to.

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Guys. This is the mother of all markets and I was in blogger girl heaven.

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We just so happened to be in town the second Sunday of March, precisely the one day it's open for the month. FATE, AMIRIGHT? I persuaded my fellow travel mates that it was worth a trip and they politely entertained my blogging needs and tagged along.

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I'd venture to say it was a success for all! It was any boy's nightmare--crap EVERYWHERE. But, we came in with wide eyes and prepped to dig through until we found the diamonds in the rough. That we did and the fruits of our labor were well worth it.

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Jean cutoffs were sold at just about every fifth tent. I managed to snag a pair of cozy Levi's and Kate scored some too.

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The market was not sparse in other clothing items with drapey tops, ethereal dresses and maxi skirts being especially hot items.

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It was a nice change of pace to visit with the craftsmen behind all the creations, whatever their special niche may be. Many of the vendors sell to big names like Anthropologie, but here you can score a deal and come home with the story behind the item too.

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The geode trend made its statement here in the form of house decor as seen above and in many jewelry pieces.

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On that note, jewelry was practically oozing out of the cement and falling from the sky here. It was also our most popular type of purchase of the day.

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I satisfied my dainty ring craving with the gold elephant ring pictured above.

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If I had a few more years on me, I would have dedicated more time to exploring the many tents selling housewares whether it be furniture items or small knick-knacks.

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There's something here for all ages, which was evident by the many families who shared our same Sunday plans...

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including Hilary Duff, her hubby and son. STARS! They really ARE just like us!

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Though we left the market with souvenirs, I found the bigger treasure to be how rich of a blogging breeding ground it was. I hope you got equal enjoyment out of virtually experiencing the market through B.O.D., and maybe one day you too will make a trip there and the cycle of blog inspiration will continue on.


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