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I've always fancied the idea of travel, both near and far. In my limited (but growing!) French vocabulary, I find myself writing "j'adore voyager" over and over again for my assignments. When I came to my senses and got rid of the pink & zebra decor in my bedroom (I know...lifetime low-point), it unintentionally took on a travel-theme that has encouraged my love for globe-trotting ever since. In honor of the coming break with most of my friends making their way across states and/or seas, I wanted to dedicate a post to my love for cartography.

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I can't say I had the same affection for maps in 9th grade geography or when frequently inspecting the "Key Map" with my mom in the passenger seat of her car when my weekend activity was being her errand-running assistant circa 3rd and 4th grade.
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We've certainly come a long way since and it seems as though a map--like handwritten letters and landline phones--is becoming a thing of the past. We could almost deem them "vintage" as we constantly turn to Google Maps to get us from point A to point B.

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It wasn't until my mom bought me vintage maps of Paris to decorate my room that I considered myself a true map muse.

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I can't help but hum the tune from Dora the Explorer (the embarrassing aftermath of being an aunt for ten years now) that the "Map" character sings while crafting this post: "If there's a place you gotta go, I'm the one you need to know--I'm the map, I'm that map. If there's a place you gotta get, I can get you there I bet--I'm the map."

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It's this simple rhyme that reminds me how a map's uses are vast and varied. Since I sometimes see them in a strictly decorative sense, I forget they're equally functional as they are fashionable.

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They guide you in the right direction,

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enlighten others on culture;

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they present a perfect opportunity to bring lots of color together;

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they tell stories;

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they promote collaboration for a common goal;

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they're provide reading material;
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they're a medium of art;

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they're a puzzle.

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This thin piece of paper allows your imagination to dream of places you've been or want to be some day.

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As I plan my trip to LA with my fellow jet-setters, we're discovering how vital it is to strategize so we can maximize our time in each area of the City of Angels, whether it be shopping in Beverly Hills, celebrity-stalking in West Hollywood, exploring Brentwood, or perusing through the Pasadena flea markets. Wherever we end up, I have no doubts good meals will be had, shopping damage will be done and hopefully at least one A-lister will be spotted. Safe travels to all!


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