Sense Appeal XVII


for the eyes:
 photo IMG_6165_zpsce4e9c91.jpg
I found the task of writing and mailing birthday thank you notes much more pleasurable when the card stock was sealed in a scalloped kraft paper envelope which opened vertically.

for the mind:

Every day, 8 years of video content is uploaded onto YouTube. Many of these videos get ridiculously high view counts for reasons I will never understand. Twelve-year-old girls post make-up tutorials that become overnight sensations. You can find a cover of any top 100 song by aspiring artists all over the world who are trying to take the Justin Bieber route to stardom. And the endless database is probably highly congested with videos that will never hit the double-digit mark in viewers.

But, sometimes a short homemade film on YouTube can get to you more than any film, book or even hard-hitting news story has in a long time. Such is the case with 99 Balloons, which Merl showed me last year. It's both heartwarming and heart-wrenching. If you have some time and tears to spare, watch the story of a miracle on earth, Eliot. {Kid you not...tearing up while watching it right now.}

for the ears: 

Cider Sky experienced their breakout after their song, "Northern Lights", was featured on the soundtrack of a Twilight film. They just released an EP with two songs that have the same infectious beat the springtime air has this time of year. Make sure to put "Fall" and "We Are in Love" on your spring break playlists.

fashion for feel: 
 photo LOAFERS_zps1107c1a1.jpg
Today's low-70s weather may indicate the passage of winter to spring just like the dawn of day did parties this weekend as SAE hosted their annual party, Resurrection. But, it may seem hasty to throw on flip-flops when your Fryes were your go-to footwear just 48 hours ago. If you too are feeling a little eager beaver like myself, I say turn to the loafer as a transition piece. These slippers are often cozier than run-of-the-mill flats; the tricky part comes in choosing a pair as tassels, graphic art, and a wide range of colors and materials make each pair unique.

for taste:
 photo IMG_6176_zpseaad6eb7.jpg
While in Pittsburgh celebrating my godson and nephew Alexander's baptism last weekend, I got to enjoy several good meals with my family. We went to Point Brugge Café the first night, a cozy neighborhood bistro specializing in Belgian fare. We started with mac'n'cheese and the charcuterie board of cured duck meats.
 photo IMG_6179_zps26447d56.jpg
My brother Andy (the godfather) and I both ordered the Carbonnade Flamande--beef braised in Belgian brown ale with onions, apricots, cherries and rosemary.
 photo IMG_5668_zps36b58770.jpeg
Our pre-baptism brunch was at Casbah the following morning, a favorite or Pittsburghians Art and Carolyn. Everyone chose a starter and an entrée off the Sunday brunch menu, which granted me the opportunity to have both savory and sweet (the ultimate breakfast decision dilemma!). My sweet start was a sinful delight of creamy polenta with Paul Bunyan maple sugar and cinnamon, dried fruit and toasted almonds. It was the perfect h'ors d'oeuvre to my eggs benedict florentine that followed.

On with the countdown to spring break!


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