Sense Appeal XVIII


for the eyes:
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Happy Easter!

for the mind:
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Recently, Emily Schuman (my favorite blogger who I've mentioned herehere and most recently here) got highly scrutinized for a video she posted which divulged a little more personal information than her routine DIY, recipe or outfit posts. I found it refreshing; others felt differently and weren't shy about it. Several of her readers (some devoted fans for years) backlashed and called her "silly" and totally "unrelatable" and her posts "contrived." While I haven't accumulated the following on B.O.D. to ever get overwhelming positive or negative feedback, I can imagine a few viewers have come and gone finding B.O.D. to be too whimsical, a tad ridiculous or an embarrassing attempt at being "artsy." But, I pay no mind to these sort of notions and remind myself of similar ideals expressed in this Mark Twain quote:
"Why not go out on a limb? That's where the fruit is." 
I found this not only timely with Emily's post, but also with this Easter Sunday as we are told in John 15:5 that He is the vine and we are the branches--apart from Him we can do nothing.

for the ears:

While cruising the Interstates along the Pacific Coast, we often turned to Elizabeth (the native Californian), for good music. This is one of my favorites she shared with us--"Safe and Sound" by Capital Cities" with the reassuring message that "even in a hurricane of frowns, I know that we'll be safe and sound."

fashion for feel:
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I'm ordinarily wary to purchase belts, always asking myself "will I actually wear this?" And with good reason. The frivolous ones always end up under a pile of scarves. But, a good, practical belt is invaluable. My thick brown leather belt has served me well for many years and I foresee the same kind of usage out of this this metallic belt I purchased earlier this year. I needed something to cinch in a dress but didn't want it to distract from the simplistic LBD. And it was this one for the win, all the more practical to pair with jewelry since it has both silver and gold. 

for taste:
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Nothing says summer quite like quenching your thirst with a tall glass of lemonade. Accompany that with some "seasonal southern California comfort food" and you've got it made---with or without the shade.You can find all of this at Lemonade, which I discovered when we stopped at the Brentwood location after a morning in Malibu.

 photo photo_zps8191392a.jpg

The staff was eager to hand out samples for newbies like myself. After a few taste tests, I ended up with the four-side platter with the Israeli couscous with wild mushrooms, lemon truffle and parmesan, the kale also with mushrooms and a kumquat vinaigrette, the cauliflower with golden raisins, almonds and curry, and the avocado, cherry tomato, pine nut salad tossed in lime juice--all washed down with a blueberry mint lemonade. Loving my life at this point.

 photo IMG_6502_2_zps9b008a31.jpg
My mom and I have always been hung up on the fact that Houston lacks good, quick lunch spots. The ones that do operate like this--say Café Express or Ruggles Green--are always packed.

 photo IMG_6496_2_zpsa327b2df.jpg
LA's got this figured out with spots like Joan's and Lemonade. I think they're super into their LA-exclusivity, but I'd be willing to bet Lemonade would not only survive, but thrive, in a city like Austin. Hope you're reading, Lemonade execs.

Enjoy your time spent with family on this holiday!


Abby said...

I absolutely love this post, everything about it! I thought Emily's video was cute... And it's funny because she just posted a pic of her Lemonade too! And I love that song, it's been on AltNation a while now! Happy Easter Molly!

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