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I've felt uncharacteristically less inspired lately, which has evidently taken a toll on my blogging routine. So, to ease my way back into things, I'm going to highlight someone else's creativity and that is the young and talented jewelry designer, Evan Rauch.

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I've featured Designs By Evan before here when she, so kindly, sent me a bracelet as a tribute to my style which she thought it matched from following me on BOD. Upon receiving umpteen compliments on my arm candy by Evan, I was easily tempted into coming back for more.

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Just in time for my trip to LA in March, I ordered these two necklaces from Evan. And I can say without hesitation that even in the piles on piles of jewelry amassed at the flea market, nothing topped what I got from Evan back in Texas.

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She showcases her designs via Instagram and the sheer amount of "likes" she receives is a testament to how admired her designs are. Follow her at evanr_ to see for yourself.

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While young jewelry designers are by no means rare, Evan's knack for not keeping with trends but, moreover, staying ahead of them separates her from the rest. While shopping along South Congress on Saturday, I saw several beaded bracelets that resembled my own, yet she's been crafting these as one of her first signature pieces for years.

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I find costume jewelry to be one of the more difficult things to purchase; I internally debate if it's too trendy, not practical, or both. Evan's pieces provide that extra incentive to go for the plunge, for you know it's hand-crafted and made with love.

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So, here here for youngsters who are faithful to their creative pursuit. I can already feel the contagion rubbing off on me, reviving me to breathe life back into BOD this week.


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