Spring Flings


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I always underestimate the spring and the stacked social calendar that comes with it. The hectic nature of football season deceives me into thinking springtime will be relatively calm, but I've kept plenty busy scholastically and socially lately.

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From semi-formals to Kappa Kasual,

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to back-to-back mom's and dad's weekends,

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to weekends at and on the lake, I've been busy and BOD's been bare. Believe me when I say I'm very aware and even more apologetic! This week is the calm before the storm of all my end-of-year exams, but I'm hopeful I'll see more down time in May which I can assure you will mean plenty of posts on B.O.D.  Happy almost weekend!


Julianne Staine said...

been wondering where you been girl! thanks for keepin me informed!

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