Cookie Monster


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If I was forced to choose between something sweet and something savory, I'd more often than not opt for the savory option; but, when it comes to satisfying my sweet tooth, nothing does the trick quite like a warm chocolate chip cookie. It's classic, comforting, not too rich, equally delightful year-round and maintains a delicate balance of salty and sweet.

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My mom used to always bake the recipe on the back of the Toll House chocolate chip bag, but as she became more of a CCC connoisseur, she started to experiment with other recipes.

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She struck gold with Jacques Torres's famous recipe. I crave the aroma that fills our house when she bakes them almost as much as the taste that melts in your mouth from a fresh batch.

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This recipe is no break 'n bake--it's a labor of love, requiring overnight refrigeration of the dough, combining two different kinds of flour, and what I think is the most critical step of all: adding sea salt to the top just before placing them in the oven. Here's a jump to the recipe.

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So, while a hierarchy has developed within the cookie jar, I try to refrain from being too picky. Yesterday, National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day celebrated everything from Chips Ahoy to Tiff's Treats to a tub of Pillsbury dough. In case you missed this holiday memo, I see no harm in celebrating a day late with a tall glass of milk accompanied with whatever variety you like. So by all means, dig in!


Anonymous said...

You are a huge inspiration to me and everyone who reads your blog. I know some people who have started blogging because of you. You have amazing style and grace, it's obvious you're going places.