Middle Man


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While I don't ignore the festivities and celebration that surrounds New Year's, my year still starts and ends in May. A school year has just wrapped and yet again, this one came and went faster than the last.

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As a college student, I'm often still given the advice to revel in what is "the best four years of your life"; I do my best, but I don't like the pressure I feel to force fun into the ticking time bomb of "the peak of my life" before the impending doom of post-grad life becomes a reality.

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So, I take this advice with a grain of salt knowing that this time is undoubtedly unique, special and should absolutely be appreciated for all it's worth. But, with two years behind me and two ahead of me, I couldn't be more content and wouldn't rewind even if given the chance. Freshman year was everything it needed to be: novel, carefree, exciting and ridiculous in the best sense of the word.

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Sophomore year was different--a good kind of different; friends, bearings and routine were in place. A very necessary sense of purpose was realized as classes were more oriented for specific majors and there was more opportunity to get involved.

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Old frienships were maintained and new ones flourished. Instagram became a verb overnight. The Block alarm went off six too many times. My taste buds were treated to Walton's sandwiches, JuiceLand smoothies and Alamo Drafthouse Mexican Vanilla milkshakes for the first time. I learned what was necessary but not sufficient, the several means of tracking personal identity, the purpose of the flying buttresses at Chartres Cathedral and the number one audience interest on Pinterest is Fashion Designers and Collections in various classroom settings. I saw Conley, the little boy I nannied, go from barely crawling to fearlessly walking. I saw the finest both Midland and Los Angeles had to offer. The selfie became more popular than a normal photograph. 304 went to Mag's at 1am, got locked out, forgot we had a balcony, and always had seven different varieties of peanut butter. I fell in love with the girls in Kappa's new pledge class one by one. We wore leggings and sweaters to class all the way 'til May. And I saw two nieces and two nephews live their first year of life.

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No sophomore slump here, and I have a good feeling junior year will deliver equal if not more fun. Until then, a summer in Austin lies ahead and I can barely wait to see what's in store.


Carolyn said...

Good post, Jr. It's a great 4 years, but def. can't call it the best of your life. If that's true, it ain't much of a life. :) Carry on.

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Abby said...

Every time you post about college I seriously get so excited! I absolutely cannot wait! And thought I should let you know I still have people texting, calling, and telling me how much they loved your guest post on my blog and that it was beyond helpful!

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