Plans to Make Her Dance


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As planned, Wednesday morning, we wasted no time and went straight to the beach.

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As a Texan native, turquoise blue water where I can see the color of my nail polish wedged in the sand never fails to come as a shock as the muddy Galveston waters give beaches a bad rep.

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The kids boogie boarded; the adults drank beer, and everyone basked in the sun.

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Jimmy proved worthy of his title as Uncle Jungle Gym/Jim.

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My mom was kind enough to offer delivery service of the famous gourmet grilled cheeses from The Meltdown on 30A--a food trailer in town.

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We shared two varieties: the brie + bacon on cranberry walnut bread

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and the goat cheese, proscuitto, arugula and tomato.

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We unwound back at the house before our sunset dinner at Bud & Alley's--a revered gathering place for local patrons seeking a waterfront dining experience. 

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We celebrated Emily's 1st and 

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Lindsay's 33rd birthday as well as a belated 37th for Amy, which fell just the week before our vaca.

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Seafood hit the spot for supper as we ordered crab cakes, 

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yellowfin tuna, 

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and lobster tacos. 

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Pink cupcakes were served for Miss Emily, who blew out her first candle

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and made her first wish.

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Though the boys weren't pleased pink was the only option, they got over that fairly quickly.

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There was a concert in town, so we stayed put until the sun went down and the kids' bedtimes neared.

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The Modglins joined the post office photo-op bandwagon I mentioned in my last post. 

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I'm getting to spend more time with my closest sister, something we rarely get time for despite the fact we both call Austin home. 

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Ceci, my partner-in-crime, and I went to Dawson's for some soft serve ice cream--a beachside staple. 

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Finally, before I forget--and because we can't say it enough--we're all thankful to these two sandwiching me for making the family in this family vacation. Whether we call you mom, dad, Mimi or Pops, you are loved by many. Today will be a family Friday and our last full day in Florida; wishing you a great weekend from the beach!