Sense Appeal XX


for the eyes:
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Summertime and the livin' is easy.

for the mind:
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Over a year ago, I wrote a post on the new Gatsby movie when the trailer was released. By the time this spring rolled around, all the build-up caused the film to lose some of its allure to many folk, myself included. Nevertheless, I saw the movie. My short'n'sweet review: it was 1) attractive but 2) too long and 3) will probably shoot Lana del Rey into true mainstream stardom. I liked it; I didn't love it.

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With the movie's release came a gazillion Gatsby-themed parties and a rekindled love for Leonardo DiCaprio for females between the ages of 16 and 45. The buzz penetrated the fashion, music and entertainment world.

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One of the more interesting conversations spun off the film was in an article my mom showed me from Crisis magazine. Tom Hoopes writes how the setting of East and West Egg in Gatsby is not unlike our own world today: "where everyone knows each other but nobody knows each other." And it's our favorite forms of social media--Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook--that continue to fuel this fire.

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He compares Gatsby's life to an elaborate Facebook stalking scheme, something practically every FB user has fallen victim to at one time or another. The moral of his story is that these social media forms are deceiving--what claims to be a tool for connection can prove to be just the opposite. These sites falsely fulfill our need to connect with others and are largely responsible for making this generation forget that an in-person conversation is "worth a thousand tweets or posts."

for the ears:

In just my twenty years of life, I've witnessed a pretty fascinating evolution of how people listen to music. Tapes were being taken over by the revolutionary thin CD around the time I was born. Then came the Napster craze. I'll never forget my sister's school bus yellow Walkman she would take on jogs.  In came iTunes as Apple started (and continues to) take over the world.

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But, hats off to Spotify who is making its mark in the music industry. I'll admit I was wary to break away from the ease and familiarity of iTunes, but I see what makes Spotify so attractive. After experimenting with it, I found their radio stations to have much better recommendations than Pandora. Here's one song, "Paint" by SOL, that I stumbled upon.

fashion for feel:
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It takes a marriage of several elements to find a piece of clothing that's truly to die for--fabric, pattern, color. But as I grow older, I've found that the most critical element of all is shape and fit.

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{top left: Hervé Léger cutout stretch-knit dress bottom left: Robert Rodriguez techno flounce skirt center: torn by ronny kobo Double-Knit Flare Dress top right: Herve Leger colorblock flare dress bottom right: Robert Rodriguez two tone flare top}
It never ceases to amaze me how something can look darling on a hanger and not-so-darling in the dressing room (a big reason I  have reservations with online shopping). But this year I've made fast friends with flute flairs on skirts and dresses. The fit then flair style is both flattering and ultra feminine.

for taste: 
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Austin is a foodie's playground. I've compiled a list of eateries to try in my college town over the summer. Most are the modern, hip joints that are all the rage right now--Clark's Oyster Bar, Foreign & Domestic, and Josephine House to name a few. But, I was introduced to an Austin classic, Cisco's, for a Friday brunch.

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There's no bells and whistles here. The charm comes in the form of greasy grills, torn seat cushions and hearty grub. I ordered two tacos--one with chorizo and one migas style--with a side of sliced avocado.

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My brunch mate ordered the warm and fluffy biscuits which she generously doused in honey and butter out of plastic squeeze bottles. Look elsewhere if you're the egg white and green tea type. This tex-mex joint, open for more than 50 years, simply aims to have its guests come hungry and leave happy.

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Though this Austin landmark has fed its fair share of politicians and celebrities, anyone can walk in and feel at home.

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Hope you all had a wonderful Dad's Day weekend! Love ya, Pops!


Carolyn said...

Great post. Very interesting Crisis article. Definitely could not have said it better myself! Did Erin have a yellow walkman? Love those dresses.