Hometown Hero


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Way back when, people got all pumped about the idea of exporting and importing goods. We all drew out a diagram of the Columbian Exchange at some point in our educational careers--the Americas shipped tobacco and squash across the ocean in exchange for some olives and malaria (for those who faked it 'til they made it in US History).

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It seems we've since moved on and, in fact, adopted just the opposite means when it comes to finding our food source. Nowadays, it better be built into your backyard or you, my friend, are behind the trend. The Austin community has promoted these eco-friendly, sustainable, cage-free, I-literally-just-picked-this-off-a-tree foods for awhile, and it looks as though the fad has traveled down highway 71 and landed in Houston, as evident by spots like Revival Market.

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Jimmy told me I'd dig the vibe at this "responsible 21st century market", for it flaunts a similar charm  I loved at Joan's on Third in LA. During an overnight trip to Houston in late June, William and I made our way to this Heights foodie haven.

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For such a small space, the range in items available is impressive--you can go home with Galveston sea salt, your produce for the week, a Mexican coke, mustard potato salad, a whole farm-raised brisket, Heights honey, a warm cappuccino, and a killer kolache if you make it before they sell out on Saturday mornings.

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Having already eaten lunch, we shared a gourmet freeze-pop while taking a look around. I got several desserts to-go to satisfy my mom's always eager sweet tooth and he took home a house-made BBQ sauce, validating his "Sauce Boss" namesake.

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Jimmy was accurate in his suspicion. I was into it. Though I've never been the go organic or go home type, you go for the same reason you to a boutique over a department store--it's an experience. But, I took away more from my experience at Revival than baked goods and a couple photographs. I realized I've underestimated Houston for far too long.

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It may does not have the Big Apple's skyline; Austin's Town Lake reigns supreme to Memorial Park in every way imaginable; the San Francisco coast has a bit more of an aesthetic appeal than our shipping ports; and, we lack the cultural flair that exists in cities like New Orleans or a history like Boston or Philadelphia.

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But, we have what really matters when you boil it down: good neighborhoods, jobs on jobs on jobs, great people and little gems like this intelligent mom and pop shop. Happy to call you home, H-Town.