Sense Appeal XXII


for the eyes:
 photo 375100_401641569933757_1169147511_n_zpsa7ee4e26.png
Coming from a generation that has grown up with the Food Network, it's no wonder that it's budding with young talent in the kitchen. Sam Cade, a sophomore at UT, brings joy to people's eyes and taste buds on their birthdays with her personalized cakes.

 photo photo2_zps2951098d.jpg
After eating my first Cade's Cake at Caroline's 21st birthday celebration, I was inspired to know more. So, I turned to the source to find out how she started, how it's going, and where she's goin' with it. She first admitted that she just has "the biggest sweet tooth ever" and would eat dessert 75% of the time if that was socially acceptable.

 photo Desktop8_zpsededbe10.jpg
Her pride and joy to date are her Game of Thrones and Shark Week cakes, but she's open to all the "crazy" suggestions she gets, taking each on as a new and fun challenge. See all her creations via Instagram @samcade.

 photo cadescakes_zps0dbb36fc.jpg
As for the future, she hopes to find herself at the French Culinary Institute someday; but, for now, she's content with school by day and baking by night (and often that means all night).

 photo cadescakes1_zps8479a346.jpg
Every girl wants to own her own bakery (if she doesn't want to be a vet, fashion designer, Beyonce or boutique owner). Looks like Sam just might be the one to take the cake on that career path.

for the mind:
 photo college-classroom_zps33cb3c89.jpg
I've completed 16 years of school at this point. With senior year around the corner, it's slowly but surely sinking in that my education will soon be coming to a close. I've always been diligent about my school work (at certain points to a fault), but I hate to end on a bad note, so I've proposed a small challenge for myself this semester: ask more questions.

In physics class, my professor stressed how important larger issues are and how we often shy away from asking questions about them. And since the sad truth is that the board in my physics class resembles the photo above, there will be a lot of questions needing answers.

for the ears:

Entering my third year of sharing close living quarters with another person, I came in fully aware of the many benefits it offers. Beyond pillow chat and sharing closets, sharing music libraries has led me to discover new songs. Meghan did just that early on in the year with this song, Stolen Dance, by Milky Chance. If you're feelin' it, check out Down By The River by the same band.

fashion for feel:
 photo MiniBags3_zps6bcb57ad.jpg
Simplifying your life can be as simple as cutting out all the clutter. Cleaning out my purse--a weekly ritual--involves creating a mess, but it's nice to be reminded there really are only a few necessities I need with me at all times.

 photo MiniBags_zps6530a387.jpg
{left to right: Reese Hudson Siren Mini Bag in white // 3.1 Phillip Lim Small Ryder Cross Body Bag in black // J.W. Hulme Co. Tiny Legacy bag in oxblood // 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Mini Satchel in jade}
With those items being my flat wallet, slender iPhone, keys, and maybe Chapstick there's really no reason to lug around a small carry-on to for my daily routine. That's why I'm all in favor of the mini-bag trend. Sure, cross-body bags are nothing new, but y'all I mean mini.

 photo MiniBags2_zps88ac5718.jpg
It completely eliminates the issue of your keys hiding in the only crevice in your purse your hand didn't dig into. Another feature: it allows you to buy a high quality bag for less as you can make six of these with what usually only makes one hobo bag. So, spring for the snakeskin and go mini this fall.

for taste:
 photo IMG_7567_zps3d519e4e.jpg
Tables turned this weekend when my mom showed me the hot spot in Austin when she came to visit.

 photo IMG_7576_zps31fc9d33.jpg
Clark's Oyster Bar has been on my restaurant bucket list for awhile (and moved to the top after I tried sister restaurant Perla's this summer), but I never made it partially due to the fact that reservations are near impossible to come by less than two weeks out.

 photo IMG_7591_zpsf985613e.jpg
So, we planned ahead and made a happy hour + early dinner out of it with my rush adviser Cathy to treat her for hosting me, mothering me, and constantly entertaining me.

 photo Desktop7_zps94f14432.jpg
Always inspired by Cathy's appetite for adventure, I figured it was time I give raw oysters a try. As one who tends to not take well to certain consistencies, I wasn't sure how well this was going to go. The waiter gave me a starter's sampler and well, LOVED 'EM.

 photo IMG_7592_zps0a6dc543.jpg
Anticipating plate envy, I ordered the same as my mom--the Crab Louie salad, which was to die for. The rich thousand island dressing and salty caper taste was just as extravagant as the gold utensils I ate it with.

 photo clarksbar_zpsbc136a3e.jpg
It's the small details like that and turquoise bar stools and striped yellow awnings that make an evening at Clark's not just dinner but a truly fabulous dining experience.

 photo IMG_7595_zps0c7e3df2.jpg
The special for the evening was a Cathy sandwich, which was the best treat of all. The dreary start to the weekend was redeemed with a cool breeze and clear sky all of Saturday and Sunday. It was another great weekend to rejuvenate me for another busy week!