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Well, well, well, I think we can all agree that my blog hiatus has gone on far too long. This will have been my longest absence to date since the birth of BOD back in '09, but this absence deserves to be marked excused.  

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I've kept it under wraps for awhile, but last fall I was slated as Kappa's Recruitment Chair and come August, I was tied up with all things rush 'round the clock. 

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Since its conclusion on bid day last Tuesday, I've been asked a number of times how I am. I hesitate to answer solely because it's hard to put into words, or just a few words, I guess.

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But I'm good. I'm relieved. I'm excited! I'm tired. And most importantly, I'm so happy I took on this job, for the reward was worth every bit of sacrifice. 

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It was--without a doubt--one of the more physically, emotionally and mentally draining experiences of my life. Sleep was a rare treat I only came across for several hours each night. This gathering around the computer, for example, was at 3:30 in the morning. Meg was fadin' fast...

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Coffee was a necessity and espresso shot intake increased over the course of the two weeks. My voice reached an all-time low.

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And most things in my personal life (i.e. blogging, contact with family/friends outside of Kappa, settling into my room, etc.) were put on a temporary two-week hold. 

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With all that being said, I loved every second. Though sleep was sacrificed, energy was more alive in this house than any other time of year.

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Oftentimes in college (especially UT), we're spread thin between social, academic, family and sorority commitments; so for this short period of time, it was refreshing to be able to pour all my energy into one thing and focus on one goal.

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I learned so much about my chapter, myself and the satisfaction that comes with working toward that common goal with 175 of your best friends.

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But, don't be misled into thinking it was all work and no play.

here are some of the highlights:
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experiencing the beginning of my life at 2001 university in room five,

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a surprise treat of furry friends and face paint for the chapter during work week when we held "Hoppy Hour",

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discovering everyone's unique strengths on rush team (lowlight: becoming a slave to spreadsheets), 

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laughing to the point of tears thanks to all who participated in the skit,

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all the good eats, which we have our Kappa chefs, generous alums (& Favor!) to thank for, 

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my mom coming to see me in action,

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working alongside my partner-in-crime, rush roommate, Reference Chair and bestie, Beans/Meggy

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Senior Night,

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a well-deserved girl's night out mid-work week at our annual Date Dash,  

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the epic reunion with my main girl merl (who deserves a special shout out for also sweeping rush at the Theta house!),

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and the delirium that led to (too) many a selfie,

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I distinctly remember the joy that came with greeting last year's pledge class and meeting the girls who would soon be my best friends and some even a part of my Kappa family, like Michelle.

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This year was nothing short of that as we anxiously awaited for all 71 girls to come running to our porch on Bid Day. 

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It most certainly was a group effort,  and I couldn't have done any of it without these wonderful people:

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Susan Sealy, otherwise known as our rush mom who did all the odd jobs we asked of her with a cheerful smile at all times,

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you guys! Maddie and Kate, the masters of song and dance that made for a small-scale Broadway performance come skit night, 

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Big Red, 

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The Cathy Dunn, 

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chapter council--all the Kappa officers (especially our Prez Jaclyn!), 

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and of course, my team who I am so glad I got to share this rare, unique experience with. Love you all.

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Go Kappa. 


Carolyn said...

I'm glad it went so well. I know you did a knockout Kappa Kappa job. Love you.

Unknown said...

congrats on rush! looks like it went amazing! its alway rewarding once it's all over and you got an incredible new group of girls!


Allyson of Lovely Explorer said...

So happy to see you blogging again (I should follow suit)! A successful recruitment is quite a feat, but now that those days are behind me (#alum) I miss them. Congrats on welcoming more lovely ladies to the KKG fam!