What a Wonderful Thing


 photo 9ceb2db8e4498c4717ba3d31e3b8c281_zpscdd6abaa.jpg
I am so lazy

 photo 7b03c6ed0ff0e2516e5ed22f8a79d93f_zps0d1bd936.jpg
when morning comes

 photo fab82f13-d4f7-4bfa-8376-8f60bb2f91f1_zps355322f5.jpg
all I want to do is roll back into myself.

 photo 3b0ea050d6339cc7ba5970b2c0e5948b_zpsf6964071.jpg
I only want to wake up

 photo 4bb639df7169364a160bc071d3e392c8_zps3366ff0a.jpg
early enough to drink coffee

 photo 99b6db29f58fbb13c7d1d3943b4801f7_zpsb96e7968.jpg
and listen to the records that spin

 photo ef3c88450ac29c085195f1ea2124f643_zps55835692.jpg
the sun from the sky

 photo d15f533cefb55859962b8609bc127e4e_zpsddee44c0.jpg
and listen to the world happen

 photo 2244fa27f9854ffa3b992abd80326bf0_zps0e9f1f0e.jpg
as it is happening.

 photo a5b858cf74787d56f030bc80bd4068a9_zpsa54f8bf9.jpg
Outside my window,

 photo 31e494d0394d05894612913e296d71c5_zpseb96fe2a.jpg
there is a church bell

 photo d45f0ffd-821e-435b-a114-8343ea7a0fd6_zpsc848a30b.jpg
fat in brass and song and holy

 photo 3049746fb1c7118b318fb6a78874cf61_zpsfb02b612.jpg
sometimes I want to swallow it

 photo 2dacbadbbb0318e74d8ed5f4b56b1425_zps813ae651.jpg
For once I want to touch it

 photo 7f35226f8b77027abdc03f709ac582d9_zps06e415bd.jpg
something beautiful without breaking it.

 photo e061abec722cd42e0ab07c055ab13970_zps5ea6bf2e.jpg
I am so lazy!

 photo 2033d8f6075d2d61fc1dd3f8f7e434d4_zps6c42f380.jpg
All I want to do is hold beautiful things--

 photo 7723e9e36f8e51e31b3d25e04ee1cbfa_zps386da8ae.jpg

 photo d1bfda39dd2fdd57de58fc8883bd5e0b_zps9476695b.jpg

 photo 7bbd9d49ad90e3927032952808bf16a7_zps52410d44.jpg
fresh rain

 photo 3e3a2b02b30204d7d568551d7d99db10_zps1d15c5f4.jpg
silk sorry

 photo 13d6939ba3352c698ac6fad7798c1f12_zps1797b84e.jpg
honesty covered in honey

 photo 7de33911757938e7befdd2ad83086fe4_zps93a18257.jpg
a watermelon slice

 photo 1740b4cdeee7b94fcc9bbae0235ba5e8_zps98acb2bf.jpg
a plate full of grandmother's cooking

 photo 21f9727b-5dcc-4251-b526-7d8c1b8b83b3_zps72c888b3.jpg
a hot tortilla

 photo b90271de0ad18bf3509e93eb4e6a0bbb_zps6c00eea3.jpg
a diamond smile

 photo 95c5f7c0a8a378dcdb0c2c7083f3c191_zps034aee6c.jpg
a pretty girl's hand

 photo 9e9cc85e51fb47ce738cff9c27cb5b6f_zpsbaaa79cd.jpg
good intentions

 photo d179a8be5b50df6ff5751d308af762b1_zpsd2bac31f.jpg
All I want to do is bend my hand into a chest

 photo d252e24eb8579cf0ed0a546830007854_zps4eebe666.jpg
where sacred things are kept

 photo d1527a9f01f4f3a2a57db43ed352300a_zps7c058993.jpg
where I can write poems in blood

 photo 65f6d91a13166b0f1136fb618f6842e5_zpsbacc4979.jpg
in gold

 photo 446b3fd285e729d3ae3a49a89ab5029e_zps813678f5.jpg
in love and love and love

 photo 72water_zpsf50c128b.jpg
the person you love is 72% water

 photo b8cc8aa76b87862956d4645f01d66f14_zps4abf8289.jpg
All I want to do is find an ocean worthy of drowning in

 photo f3c1e0db0dd5946cfabc645c4b912e33_zps981bdaa5.jpg
All I want to do is laugh at myself for wanting so many things

 photo b984a5a653f8a5af434bac6f78bc62da_zps7c4afc4d.jpg

 photo 729f852d1e33ef0267d9d1fe51b6cd09_zps89076a93.jpg
is the body's way of remembering what it does not have

 photo 685f84d3fd0c7d6dfa4caf1d8f6a6393_zpsd535cf2c.jpg
So I may not have much

 photo 65f9332acc2c5fe05ab820242b887756_zps903e428e.jpg
but I can open my mouth

 photo 43d1cdbb88f78ca88fda7ced9c822bda_zps00dd036f.jpg
and any space becomes a stage

 photo 94447d61c56c4e2a5a7a5a1f5d89e955_zps89d2dd67.jpg
and I can watch nothing but honesty come out.

 photo c528883c6e3b7f0734572d219662d383_zps92f2efdc.jpg
Gosh, what a wonderful thing!

 photo 68e88881c57d00e6d92fd907265b8553_zpsbd89efb2.jpg
To be lazy in a world that will always be lazy with you.

 photo loveocean_zps493666d1.jpg
To love in a world whose heart is an ocean

 photo 60f4e2450528fd801001c00fd374b59d_zpsfa052789.jpg
holding us up

 photo a41a82efaaee6fd90ac519ceec10c3bf_zpsed924042.jpg
waiting for you

 photo 17a5840ce3257710114572e1bcc27f84_zpsd71a5214.jpg
to love it back.


Zachary Caballero is a musician and his instrument is words.

 photo 46751_10151511997374954_1832335398_n_zps3d28e382.jpg
He joins several other musicians of his kind with the Austin Poetry Slam group, who collectively transform poetry from the most dreaded part of a student's English curriculum to the utmost emotional and eloquent form of expression.

 photo 377211_10151662297464954_870325350_n-1_zps4d023a5f.jpg
Willa invited the slam poetry group to perform at Kappa during chapter for our monthly program night. Everyone was equally enthralled, and I was particularly moved by the piece above, which he wrote a mere forty-five minutes beforehand.

 photo 36578_10151662292079954_168036300_n_zpsf40527aa.jpg
For Zach, stringing words together is a hobby and a skill he has evidently mastered. He calls it cathartic. If I was asked to describe blogging in a single word, I'd call it that--cathartic. During our email exchange, I expressed my appreciation for his gift and my empathy for how passions like his and mine benefit oneself just as much as one's respective audience, and that's the beauty of it.

He said it perfectly:
"I believe everyone can bring joy to the world, because we are inherent with goodness, inherent in our ability to bring light in all that we do. I'm just lucky enough to have found the one thing that keeps me humble and balanced and happy." 
Thanks to BOD, I have too.


Carolyn said...

Like this. Where are room and house posts? ;)

Carolyn said...

Like this. Where are room and house posts? ;)