Sense Appeal XXIII


for the eyes:
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'Cause it's contagious.

for the mind:
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My Plan II thesis is approaching sooner rather than later and it's got my mind hungry for all things social media related. While Plan II pre-med students dip their foot in the doctor world and art students shine on stages or canvases, I'm most curious about our social media crazed culture.

Watch and learn for yourselves here as Jonah Peretti of BuzzFeed channels his creative energy and brilliance into the world wide web.

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While he focuses on viral marketing, it still seemed pertinent to my social media studies. It's hard not to be fascinated with how quickly everything spreads. He makes a particularly interesting comparison to religion with Muslims success in bringing so many people to the Islam faith largely because they stress effective conversion methods. Just the same, this day and age needs to apply more emphasis on how we spread ideas rather than just the ideas themselves. Or so Jonah says.

for the ears:
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{kendall, katie and mimi dressed as DJ, Michelle & Stephanie from Full House--part of my daily elementary school after school routine}
This past weekend was Fiji's 90s party. The weekend before was 80s and as we danced into the next decade, the biggest difference was a little less neon and a lot more denim. Needless to say, it was highly entertaining to take a step back into childhood, especially where music is concerned.

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Once I had graduated from Disney musical classics, I moved onto burned mixed CDs featuring Deana Carter, Hanson and Vitamin C. I find that music has a way of transporting you back in time unlike anything else, so in honor of this flashback, I've created a playlist of hits from the best/worst/cheesiest songs from the decade of denim and Destiny's Child.

fashion for feel:
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Even if fashion falls short on making your top priority list, we all like to get festive for the holidays. And this holiday season, I highly recommend you deck the halls with plaid.

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top left: Free People Maxi Sergeant Coat // bottom left: McQ Alexander McQueen Plaid V-Neck Dress // middle: Glascow crop sweatshirt // top right: Franco Ferrari extreme plaid scarf // bottom right: Harvey Faircloth flannel romper
This prep school pattern isn't just reserved for school girls and is certainly not only meant for mini skirts, as indicated by these items on sale now just in time to make it onto your list to Santa.

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It may be a blast from your private school past, but I can assure you whatever garment you choose to don your plaid in will bring you holiday cheer year round.

for taste: 
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I do my best to count my blessings often, and one thing that always makes the list is my taste buds' wide pallette for different foods, which Austin serves more than well. Not to mention, I always have willing company to dine with. Most recently, I've
top left: sipped smoothies on a Sunday at the new juice bar at Whole Foods with Lana
top right: had my first Hillside Farmacy experience with another first-timer and friend, Katie
bottom left: didn't let the line spilling onto MLK deter William and I from Cane's on opening weekend
bottom right: cured the Monday blues with a wake and bacon breakfast at none other than, Bacon

Happy Hump Day!