Les fêtes


 photo mimiscard_zps13bb9e0e.jpg
{mimi shows off her art student skills with the handmade card she made for meghan}
Among the onslaught of good things that come during the holidays--like the cheerful spirit from the last post--the parties and gatherings certainly rank high on my list. On top of Christmas formals, tacky sweater parties and deb balls, junior year means you are 20 going on 21, therefore birthday bashes are frequent and often full-blown festivities.

 photo megbday_zpsf11d3d77.jpg
{meg blowing out her 21 candles at Moonshine}
Meghan celebrated her first legal drink in style with yet another amazing Cade's Cake creation. We ordered her a stack of Vogue magazines cake; the top featured a favorite of she and I both, Lana Del Rey.

 photo juj_zps2b41f3e1.jpg
Julianne turned 21 on the same night and had confetti to accompany her cocktails.

 photo evan_zpsc8a20696.jpg
And Evan was just pleased to be with family and Thomas the Train toys as we celebrated his entrance into the terrible twos on Thanksgiving Day. And it all leads up to the ultimate birthday celebration on the 25th.


Unknown said...

couldn't agree more about the excitement of junior year! celebrating other's 21st is almost more fun!