Moments of Brilliance


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This past year I crossed a fairly major threshold. No longer was I getting my bearings in college. Rather I began the countdown to the end. Only three semesters remain before I embark on my next adventure and conversations amongst friends, peers and parents certainly don't let you forget that.

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This brings me back to the book I referred to in my last post. Spooner writes, "And what do you do?" We're defined in America by what we do, for better or for worse." It's true. In French class, we discussed how talk of one's livelihood is not only not popular like it is here in the states, but it's practically frowned upon in their culture.

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Though a hefty portion of his advice concerns business and financial matters, valuable life lessons are also scattered throughout. Just reading the short adage at the end of each letter is enough to satisfy your daily words of wisdom craving, but I've pulled together the dozen thoughts I found personally stirring.

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Life is hard, punctuated by moments of brilliance.

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All life is relationships.

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the most incredible things in life aren't plucked from novels. They're true.

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Love is extremely important. It need not be just married love, but love in as many of its forms as you can find.

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life is mostly not pure--it is fuzzy--you'll need flexibility.

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All of us, particularly when we're young, need life around us.

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the dangerous hours, three to four in the morning. That's when our anxieties seem to pour in, no matter what our age

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I believe that the ideal life has two elements to it: (1) You should love where you show up for work each day, whatever you do, and
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(2) You should have someone you love who meets you at home every evening...greeting you with an enormous smile as if to [them], you are the most important person in the world.

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have one really good purse; you cannot have what looks to be an expensive suit or dress coupled with a cheap-looking purse (*from his wife)

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the best friends go deep

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It's people who make life extraordinary. Not things.

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Lose yourself in real life, not the virtual one.

The overarching theme is obvious, but we can never be reminded enough--it's the intangible things in life that bring us the most happiness and fulfillment. So maybe I'll take a nod from the French and enjoy the present for what it is, and take myself out of the post-grad hot seat for the time being, knowing that the future will fall into place if I surround myself with life and love.